Tuesday, December 04, 2007

we'll frolic and play the Eskimo way

I was listening to Bush's news conference this morning. He pisses me off the way he uses the soldiers and patriotism
as a way of forcing Congress to give him his way on spending. He keeps saying "fund the troops" and yet he has no
problem cutting their health care benefits or ignoring the health problems of vets.
Then he has the balls to talk about "irresponsible spending" by the Congress.
Nobody knows more about "irresponsible spending" than Bush.

Yikes, what weather. Yesterday my usual 15 minute drive home took me almost an hour. Since it's the first bad snow of the season, we have three types of drivers on the road. First up is your 2 mile an hour driver. They act like they're grand marshall of the winter parade, causing the rest of us to be unwilling participants in said parade. Then you have the ASSHOLE who doesn't realize we have any snow and ice, and therefore drives like it's a 70 degree summer day. They pull out in front of you at the last minute and stop short. Then there's the third kind of driver--people like me--who are sitting in their cars thinking, "Good freaking GRIEF, people, buy some decent tires, will you?! I'd like to get home before bedtime." Thank GOD my husband always has the foresight to get studded tires on our cars. It makes such a huge difference having four studded tires.
Our neighbor's winter tires were bald last year and she's STILL driving on them. She couldn't get two feet out of the driveway yesterday until my husband went out and spread some ashes on the road. He said, "Why don't they buy new tires? They take the kids out to eat five nights a week, and yet they don't invest in a good set of tires." I said, "They don't have to. They have neighbors who rush out and help every time they get stuck....which is why they can afford to eat out all the time and we can't! You spent all our dining out money on tires!" I love busting his chops.

While I was at work on Sunday, the offspring took the dog to have her picture taken with Santa. When they told me, I went ballistic on Mr. G's butt. I'm like, 'Why did you let them take that dog in public?! Among people?!"
He swore he thought they were taking her to Petco for bones. Oh, she got a bone alright. In our defense, may I just say that FOUR fingers on one hand is redundant anyway. You can get by just as well with three. Ask Santa. He'll tell ya.

I watched "Holiday Switch" last night. It was a brand new made-for-tv Christmas movie and it was pretty doggone good.The female lead was married to a man who was out of work and they were struggling to make ends meet.
(Seems to be a familiar theme in holiday movies....and life.)
She was stressed out about Christmas when she met up with her old high school boyfriend who was now a filthy rich art gallery owner.
She immediately felt cheated, as if she had made the wrong decision.
I liked it so much because I could identify with those "the grass is always greener" thoughts. Who hasn't had them? While she was happy with her "real" husband, they had no money. With her rich husband, they had money but weren't in love, so naturally, she wanted her old life back. How come they've never
made a movie where the fantasy life is BETTER than real life? Oh, probably because that would be less of a holiday movie and more of a "I'm divorcing your underachieving, sorry ass" movie.

Kids, a word to the wise when it comes to writing your Christmas lists. Focus on one main thing that you want and only ask for that.
If you ask for a whole list of stuff, Santa will think you're greedy and more the likely, take presents away from you to teach you a lesson. If you only ask for
one thing, Santa will think, "Aww, that unselfish little child deserves more than that. I'll give her the presents I took from that greedy little snot at the last stop."


BBC said...

It started to rain here the other day but then it warmed up and turned into three days of rain. That is fine with me, I hate dealing with snow.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

I thought studded tires were outlawed in all states. But while I was able to get them in Michigan, they were the cat's meow! Esp. on 4WD's. That sucker would climb trees!:)

*Goddess* said...

I'm jealous, Billy. I like snow but in VERY small doses, and I don't like dealing with ice at all.

*Goddess* said...

STUDS OUTLAWED?!!! Well, that would explain the crappy roads in PA, but if they take my studs away, I'm gonna scream. We're only allowed to have them from Nov. 1st to April 1st. Duh. Like we need them in the summer:)

I know 4WD's have to do great with studs because my little Rio goes so good with them, and it doesn't have anywhere near the power of a 4WD.