Wednesday, December 19, 2007

don we now our gay apparel

<----I worked on it all afternoon, but I finally got my tree up!! Isn't she a beaut?

If you're bored and hate The Christmas Shoes as much as I do, you'll want to read this hilarious (and compellingly honest) review. (I say "if you're bored" because it's quite long) My favorite line is this: "And then, some producer somewhere thought it would be a really keen idea to cast Rob Lowe in the lead part -- no, not as the shoes, though he would have been much more convincing."

Thanks for the advice about telescopes. The only thing that concerns me is that this is something I'll spend a bunch of $ on, only to have it become a cool place to hang his baseball hats. It's just that Mr. G so rarely ever asks for anything that I'd like to get it. He keeps saying, "I'd like to have one Christmas where $ is no object." Hell, I'd like to have one lifetime where $ is no object. But I was curious as to what he'd even want if he could have anything because, as I said, he rarely asks for anything. He's a big reader, BUT doesn't like to buy books or own books. He gets them from the library. The man has NO CD's, DVD's or VHS pre-recorded movies to his name. Granted, I only have a couple DVD/VHS movies myself, but I do have music CD's. So AFTER I bought his Steeler jacket and hat, he tells me about the telescope. Oy. Luckily his birthday is in January, so I know what to get him. His jacket looks very sharp, btw. It has the big Steeler logo on the back and I bought him the commemorative Super Bowl winter hat to go with it.


BRUNO said...

And how do you tell if the tree is a HE, or a SHE??? Or maybe I don't wanna know!!!

(Is there an "ac/dc-gender" Santa included as well, or is there only a GROPING little elf?)

*Goddess* said...

If it's a beautiful tree, it's a "SHE." If it's a handsome tree, it's a "HE".

BRUNO said...

Hey! Maybe you'd better check the "root-ball" on it, just to be sure....!