Saturday, December 15, 2007

baby, it's cold outside

Gawd, I hate these winter weather reports. Yesterday they were calling for snow starting this evening. Then they changed it to snow and freezing rain starting this afternoon. NOW it's snow/freezing rain/sleet all during the night and ICE beginning--you guessed it--about an hour before I have to leave for work tomorrow morning. This is the same thing that happened last time around. I saw this big story on the news yesterday about how people are rushing out to get their winter tires put on. Gee, I think I know WHY the last two storms have been nightmares to navigate! Nitwits.

I was bored yesterday afternoon and turned on the WB channel. I saw some of the show that's supposedly based on the lives of Will Smith, his former wife and Jada Pinkett. I don't know the name of it; I've never seen it before, but they produce the show also. The young boy on the show is about 7 or 8 years old, and I'm guessing his dad is based on Will Smith because he acted a lot like Will's Fresh Prince character. What gives with these smooth talking grown men who have the need to turn their LITTLE BOYS into ladies' men? Heck, they even call them "little men." They're NOT little 'men.' They're little BOYS. The kid was flirting with a 20 something, and she and his dad thought it was cute. I think it's disgusting.
Why are we so intent on making our kids grow up before their time? Let little boys BE little boys. The sex stuff comes soon enough.

Wow. The Reno 911 movie totally sucked. The only funny part was when
Weigel asked Dangle for a "pity fuck." It's funny because she always wears those granny underpants and plain white bras. Oh, and when the guy asked Weigel what her last words were, she began with "When I was in the fourth grade..."
Other than it, it was booooring, and now I see why everyone keeps saying it's nothing more than an extended version of the show.
By contrast, "Hot Fuzz" was so much better UNTIL Sgt. Angel discovered who was behind the murders. Then it got bogged down in stupidity and it was pretty clear somebody behind this movie has a gun fetish. I LOVED Simon Pegg's portrayal of the workaholic top cop. He was very hott! And serious. Gotta love the serious, hott cops. WARNING: if you have a weak stomach, you should know there's a whoooole lot of running in this movie. That's right. Exercise. Made me tired just watching 'em! And yes, I did have trouble understanding the British accent. I had to keep rewinding and listening, especially when Nick Frost was talking.

Damn. has EXCELLENT online service! I ordered two
boxes of Stevia Wednesday afternoon and they were on my front porch at 11 o'clock Thursday. Now THAT'S service!


BBC said...

52 Degrees here, no snow, some sun today. Yay !!!

SpongyBones said...

I hate the weather too. Cold as a miners ass in Jan here. 26 six inches of snow and ice under that crap. I say I cruise on over to and just get me some bear pills and sleep through the winter!

Anonymous said...

Hott Fuzz was a complete hommage to all the cop genre movies and tv shows out there today, so you had to expect some silliness at some point. I mean, after all, that movie was from the same creative team that brought us Shaun of The Dead, a lovely hommage to every zombie movie ever made. It's with love and care that Hott Fuzz put in that whole story arc at the end with the gunfire scenes, to pay tribute to the Bad Boys movie series. You can thank Will Smith and Martin Lawrence for that shite.

And how can you not understand the brilliant cockney accent??!!?!?