Monday, November 05, 2007

well the weather outside is frightful

Oh, crap. The Weather Channel is already calling for rain mixing with snow tonight and tomorrow night and "wintery conditions" Wednesday through Friday. I'm not ready for this!!

I watched the "Morning Express" show on Headline News this morning. It was formerly known as "Robin & Company."
Sorry, but other than the tons of money they must have spent for set changes, I don't see one bit of a difference. She kept saying it was "news on the fast track" whatever the hell that means.

I still have to deal with the rest of the TV/VCR/DVD player hook-up nightmare. All I did over the weekend was connect it enough to watch COPS.
I'd like to thank the people who makes the connecting cords about two feet long and the TV manufacturers for making the TV's about four feet wide.
That TV was the HEAVIEST I've ever come across. Mr. G had one arm over the front of the tv and one under the back, but my arm was too short and I had a hell of a time picking that thing up. Finally, we decided to try him in the back and me in the front. The whole time we're making peepy steps toward the stand, he's going, "Whatever you do, DON'T... DROP... IT!"
You know, like I'm constantly dropping expensive items for the hell of it


Lin said...

Ah-hah! Snow already?! I told you that you need to look at NM. We might be getting some cold but we haven't had SNOW yet! Hey, I did my latest post just for you since you stop by and visit from time to time.

BRUNO said...

I love how they use that term, "wintery-conditions"! Guess it sounds better than "A nasty-assed day ahead, and cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey!"

Mushy said...

Hey, we're coming your way starting Monday...look for us in the drive soon!

Guess I'll pack the tire chains!

*Goddess* said...

Lin, if it wasn't for all that heat...LOL!

*Goddess* said...

My favorite thing about the winter weather now, Bruno, is that a "winter storm" can be anything from 2 inches to 22 inches and up. There was actually a HUGE public bitchfest here about the weathermen embellishing the forecasts, so they've backed off somewhat.

*Goddess* said...

I'd be packing my long undies if I were you, Mushy:)

The Future Was Yesterday said...

The weather channel announcing it is better than a voo doo Priest to make it all go away. They (WC) don't have the best track record.

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

We don't often get snow, but the rainy season lasts from now through to May - it's endless - every grey, dull day. Jake wasn't the only one soaked on the beach this morning. Funny how many fair weather walkers there are out here. I rarely ever see another soul when the weather turns. Pity their poor mutts!