Tuesday, November 06, 2007

viewer discretion advised

Mr. G and I were watching the Steeler game last night, and I left my spot next to him on the couch to make a cup of herbal tea. When I came back, Little Cat was laying on his right knee and Holly was snuggled up to him on the right side with her head on his thigh. I said, "Who are you? St. Francis?"

Yikes! I thought I had a sugar addiction problem.... Alaska State Troopers say they have arrested a woman they believe was involved in the Talkeetna robbery in which seven trick-or-treaters were held up at gunpoint for their candy on Halloween. Amber M. Martin, 20, of Wasilla, was taken into custody after Houston police stopped her vehicle for an equipment violation near Mile 53 of the Parks Highway on Friday night, troopers said in a written statement. She has been charged with six counts of robbery and seven counts of assault. The robbery happened late Wednesday afternoon when a truck that had just passed seven costumed kids on Talkeetna's Main Street made a U-turn, came back and stopped, according to the statement and Sgt. Craig Allen with the Alaska Bureau of Investigation. Two people wearing ski masks hopped out, fired a shot from a handgun into the air and threatened the children, then took six bags of candy and an iPhone that a parent had sent along in case of problems.
That's shocking, isn't it?
I mean, who knew they even had trick or treat in Alaska?! Even more shocking is the fact that seven costumed kids only had six bags of candy. Some super smart kid either hid his candy or ate it along the way. I salute that child!

While I'm yakking about trick or treaters, Stephen Colbert had this to say on the subject:
"You know what I call trick or treaters? Pre-hobos. Kids, when you grow up you get to celebrate a day I call "UnHalloween" every day. That's where you grow up, get a job, go to work every day and buy your own damn candy. Boo!"

Matt Lauer is reporting from the Arctic Circle this week, and he was shown with sled dogs this morning.
He said they were "wild animals" and not pets. Well, bullshit. I've been fooled by those doggone sentimental Disney type movies. "I must go back for the dogs!! They're my family!" Now I find out that not ONLY are they NOT family, they'd eat the sled driver in a heartbeat. Woof woof. Then they showed a mama dog with her babies. Awww. They didn't look vicious at all. Mama was a different story.

Did you know that beer rehydrates the body better than water?
The next time I run a marathon, I'm going to try drinking beer when I cross the finish line. I will let you all know how it goes. (BTW, don't hold your breath waiting for this post, ok?)

There was a commercial on TV about the Royal Lippazaner Stallions that are coming to town. They showed the horses and
in dramatic fashion said, "At one time they were trained for war. Now they do ballet. Gives you hope for the future, doesn't it?" Hmmm. They took a proud, strong animal and made into it a damn sideshow act. I'm thinking the poor animal hasn't evolved much...thanks to man.

The Daily Show had a really funny piece about a school that is banning cupcakes. (Geez, I thought Catholic school was bad...)
They interviewed two women: one pro-cupcakes--thank GOD for her!!--and one anti-cupcake lady. While they were interviewing the anti-cupcake lady, she had a display featuring a basket of fruit and a plate of cupcakes with BLUE icing!! My favorite!! While she was blathering on about eating healthy, all I could think about was sucking the blue icing off of every one of those damn cupcakes. Clearly her lecture about diabetes, heart disease and transfat made a deep (blue) impression on me.

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The Future Was Yesterday said...

Did you know that beer rehydrates the body better than water?"

To a certain point, and that point is, when the alcohol starts to leave the body. It takes a lot of water with it. That's why, after tying on a huge one, you're dying of thirst when you wake up, and you pee for about fifteen minutes.