Friday, November 09, 2007

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I'm sorry, but you just DON'T piss with a woman's $4 pumpkin!!!

How do you feel about this?

"In an effort to reduce health care costs, employers are beginning to scrutinize the lifestyle habits of their employees -- even those that happen outside of business hours.

It’s commonplace for insurance companies to question clients about their smoking habits, weight, or other health issues. However, a new trend has employers screening employees and new job applicants for these same factors. The following factors could now put your job on the line:

1. Smoking
2. Blood pressure
3. Blood glucose levels
4. Body mass
5. Bad cholesterol levels

Currently only a small portion of U.S. employers have taken action against what they deem unhealthy behaviors, but the list is growing. For instance, in September 2007 The Cleveland Clinic began screening potential employees for nicotine. If any is found in their systems, they’re denied employment.

In 2009, another company, Clarian Health, plans to start charging employees $5 per paycheck if they are found using tobacco or to have abnormal levels of cholesterol or high blood pressure.

Meanwhile, employees at Weyco Incorporated can be charged $50 fees per paycheck not only if they smoke, but if their spouse smokes as well.

Privacy advocates are concerned that these monitoring trends will get out of hand, with employers charging fines for eating fast food or visiting a tavern. Most experts believe, however, that as health care costs continue to rise, employers will continue to enact penalties for unhealthy behaviors."


Mushy said...

We get less and less free every year.

*Goddess* said...

Damn, you're fast. I just posted that!

Anonymous said...

Surely that is illegal. Esp. the deductions for spouses who smoke! If Joe smoked and my employer took money from me, I would be livid. I would be suing their asses all the way to hell and back. That's extortion! In Canada, we have health care we pay into through our taxes and benefits from employers we pay half into, they pay the other half, and it covers certain things, with caps per year.


BRUNO said...

Wonder what the hell these "perfectly-healthy" people are gonna do when they get OLD, and SICKLY? Simple---they'll DIE, just like the rest of us, broken and penny-less because they STILL had to pay the welfare for those not allowed to have a job---ironic, ain't it?

An asshole by the name of Adolf Hitler tried that almost 70 years ago---create the "perfect" master race. And the rest of the world stopped him.

Who's gonna stop todays' modern-day "Hitlers"? Obviously not the US, of America, this time.....!

*Goddess* said...

I would think it could be contested, Stacey, if these conditions were not in place when you were hired. If they were, and you agreed to them, then maybe it IS legal. I think it blows because the majority of people in this country are paying portions of their own health care. If they were covered 100%, again, this might be a different story.

*Goddess* said...

Bruno, I never even thought of that aspect of it. They tell you to get a job, then they penalize you for not being in perfect health. I guess they haven't heard that healthy people die young, too....