Friday, November 02, 2007

swinging down the street so fancy free

From My Name is Earl: Officer Bobbi Bowman on a "COPS" parody: "Homeland Security sent us all kinds of equipment to protect us against attack. For example, this is a 'surface to surface urban combat transport vehicle'. You may know it as a scooter."

This is what I love about the internet: you come across such a wide variety of people, that someone is bound to have a solution to your problem. Take the other day, for instance, when I posted about my car lock sticking.
Bruno told me to try locking it with the key instead, and son of a bitch, if it hasn't been working. The one time I forgot and locked it by hand, it stuck.
I guess I'm going to have to get it fixed, but I won't be off until next Friday morning, and there's no way I want to leave
it UNlocked in the neighborhood where I work, so I'm glad I can lock it with the key. Thanks, Bruno! BTW, thank GOD you
mentioned not using graphite, cuz it was the second thing my husband suggested, right after the WD-40, which I
had already used. I think a piece is breaking or has broken in it, and I don't think WD-40 is going to do much of anything, although it seemed to.
Hmm, I might have to dub Bruno my "go to guy" for car matters cuz he solved my "icing on the inside" windshield problems, too!

I was reading an article about a woman who has started a business of "for entertainment only" 4D ultrasounds, so that you can see your unborn baby in 4D.
Ultrasounds are DIAGNOSTIC MEDICAL TESTS. They're not "entertainment". They tell us it's safe, but I
have a can of asbestos in my shed that has the words "safe and easy to use" right on the damn label.
They tell us X-rays are safe, but when the dentist X-rays my back teeth, they slap a protective apron across my chest and stomach.
Why is that? Probably cuz they're so safe.
I realize people are curious and excited about their baby, but the focus should always be what's best for the baby's health and well being.
It scares me when some parents treat their children like cute toys.

I don't think I'll cry too much if this TV writer's strike takes place. Thankfully, COPS isn't scripted.
Y&R sucks so much lately that I think a writer's strike in their case would be a GOOD thing.
"Men in Trees" took so long to get back on the air that I don't really care if it goes into repeats. I hate the way they're bouncing Jack from Marin to Lynn and now back to Marin again.

I loved the part on the My Name is Earl COPS parody this week where the officer was called to the strip club on a child endangerment call.
The chick was stripping with a baby strapped to her chest, and when the officer demands her and the baby get off the stage, she yells, "Officer it's not mine! I'm babysitting!" In the meantime, guys in the crowd are yelling, "! Take the baby off!" At least this COPS parody was a lot funnier than the last time they tried this.

What is with those Bee Movie commercials on Spike?
"True dads are taking their kids to see Bee Movie and Spike dads are true dads?" What am I missing here?

What do you think about the Trojan commercial where guys are depicted as pigs until they buy a Trojan condom?

Remember my sweatshirt Halloween rant?
I forgot to mention that a flannel shirt and straw hat does NOT make you a farmer.
Drag a cow with you. And some foreclosure notices, so we know you're legit.


BRUNO said...

Hell, bring it on, girl! I ain't no "Click & Clack" on everything, but most of the time it's just using the K.I.S.S. method---Keep It Simple, Stupid! Look at it logically, how and why does it work, and what is it supposed to do?

But it has to be mechanical! I'm a MACHINIST---not an electronics geek! I leave THAT to those brains who actually PASSED algebra, instead of cheatin', like I did!

And condoms? What the hell are those for? I USED to use them for coverin' the muzzle on my rifle, to keep the rain and mud out---now you know why they sell 'em in CAMOFLAGE patterns. And you thought it was a fashion statement!

Lin said...

Absolutely, Bruno is one of those rare 'go to guys'. He's come up with some incredible ideas and fixes for us.

I always wondered myself that if x-rays are so safe then why do they duck for cover in a completely different room before the dentist zaps you.

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Good old Bruno, he's a mine of information! I love "My name is Earl", it's funniest show around.

BRUNO said...

Yeah, I'm just like a fine barrel of cheese---the older I get, the moldier and harder to stomach I become....!!!

*Goddess* said...

Lin, I forgot all about that aspect of X-rays!

*Goddess* said...

Carol, you get "Earl" across the pond?!

Eric said...

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