Sunday, November 18, 2007

s.o.s. means someone help me

I was thinking about buying Male Offspring #7 the Smart Cycle from Fisher Price. It's a stationary exercise bike and an arcade learning game combined. According to the product hype--"the more they ride, the more they learn."
I asked Female Offspring #2 what she thought and she said, "Great, Mom. Combine two things
kids hate: exercise and learning. I'm sure it'll be a big hit on Christmas
morning. Why not just buy him a big pack of underwear and socks?"
Actually I was going to buy that, too.
I can't help but think that if they came up with a system like this for adults substituting porn for education, the world would be a hell of a lot skinnier place.

YAY! The TV Christmas movies are starting next week! Now I have to bug South to
help me rig up the DVD so I can record 'em. He'll be soooo happy.
BTW, our new TV is a flat screen. Goofy me, I thought the flat screen TV's were the know...FLAT ones. Turns out those are the LCD TV's, and the flat screens are the ones that are HUGE in the back. That's what we have.
The first movie I'm going to check out is "Christmas Caper," despite the fact that it stars Shannon Doherty. I'm willing to overlook that BECAUSE
the main guy in the movie is a sheriff's deputy or police officer AND the same dude who plays hottie Plow Guy on "Men in Trees"--Ty Olsson!
This movie better live up to the hype......that I've pretty much created inside my own head.

Once again, the thing that makes me the most discontent (and sad...sigh) at Christmas time are those damn jewelry commercials where the husband comes home with the perfect gift for his wfe. Sigh.

Color me bored. I was watching "Because of Winn Dixie" Saturday morning, and I kept thinking the pet store dude looked a lot like Dave Matthews, but I convinced myself it was Jeremy Piven because I couldn't remember ever hearing about Dave Matthews acting and because those two look a LOT alike. Then he started singing and i realized it WAS Dave Matthews.
And didn't I cry when that stupid dog came home in the end? Oy.
Then I watched this weird movie, Unfaithful, with Richard Gere and Diane Lane. It's one of those movies that's so bad you keep thinking, "why am I watching this garbage" as you continue to watch. Gere & Lane were a married couple whose relationship was threatened by her affair.
Here's the funny part, though: Gere and Lane were parents and their kid was Dewey from Malcolm in the Middle. Could they have picked an odder looking kid for their offspring?
The movie got totally ridiculous when Gere went to visit his wife's bf and was acting as emotional as if they were discussing the weather, then he suddenly slams a snow globe over the dude's head and kills him. It quickly got weirder and weirder until Gere is dumping the body in a land fill. Oy. The ending where Lane found out Gere murdered her bf and decided to just put it behind them was ludicrous. Gotta say, I love these movies where people drag a dead body wrapped in rugs through the hallways and the streets and nobody notices.
I was reading online reviews for this movie and one person said Harrison Ford did a fantastic job in this movie. Too bad it was really Richard Gere.
Personally, I thought he stunk and was acting like he was sleep walking through the entire movie. Hell, as boring as he was, I totally understand why Lane cheated on him with a young, hott dude.

Saw a commercial for "The Real Housewives of Orange County" and one of their brats was standing on a cliffside ready to jump into the water below. One of the mothers screamed, "It's too shallow!" and Female Offspring #1 yelled, "Not unlike this show!"

Mr. G and I were thinking about getting one of those electric heaters with the Amish mantle.
They were advertised in the newspaper for about $300 and the copy said the heater used the same amount of electricity as a coffee maker. Now I have no idea whether that means you can run it 24/7 on the same amount of electricity as a coffee maker or maybe just for an hour or so then suddenly it starts sucking up more watts than an electric dryer.
Mr. G goes to bed early because he has to be up around 2:30 a.m.
If I turn on the oil, the bedrooms get TREMENDOUSLY hot, but the living room, where we usually spend our time in the evening stays cold, so I was looking for something to plug in and use in the living room only. We used to have the kerosene heaters, but I'm not comfortable using those inside, especially with the dog. Does anybody have an experience with these heaters?


~Fathairybastard~ said...

I can't friggin' believe they're already putting out Christmas crap. We haven't even had friggin' Thanksgiving yet. Next they'll be putting the crap out on the 4th of July.

I posted a hot cop for ya, on my last post about Terlingua, so go check it out. Later.

*Goddess* said...

They were putting Christmas stuff out before HALLOWEEN around here. It's like Thanksgiving doesn't even exist anymore.

Lin said...

Okay, now I'm REALLY confused (I mean more than normal). How does a heater with an 'Amish Mantle' (whatever the Hell that is) use electricity? Amers aren't famous for electricity consumption. What kind of heating system do you have (forced air ducting, mixed systems or otherwise) in the TV room and the bedrooms that the heat is so uneven? I have probably lived through the entire gauntlet of half-assed ill-designed heating systems so I might be able to throw some ideas your way. Lemme know.

BBC said...

I don't do Christmas anymore. But whatever.

I think that kerosene heaters are a pain in the butt and can be dangerous.

Wood heat is nice, and romantic. But not always doable. I heat my place with a 220 volt space heater as it's cheaper than heating with 110 volt heaters.

I keep a heat lamp under my desk and like the radiant heat hitting my legs, and it heats the room unless it is near freezing. Well, I did gut it out and redo it and it is well insulated.

Just toss an electric blanket over you?

*Goddess* said...

I had an electric heater, Billy, but it REALLY sucked up the wattage, plus this room is fairly open and the one I had was small and better suited to a smaller room like my computer room.

BRUNO said...

I'm with Lin on this one. Details, dear, details!!! I've never heard of an "Amish-mantle", either---so help us out, here!

I've had good luck with the oil-filled electric heaters, that look a little like the ol'-fashioned steam radiators.

I DO know that anything with QUARTZ heating elements will drain your wallet dry, both in price and electric use.

There's probably a hundred different types of heaters, for a hundred different uses. But don't worry---me and Lin will help you pick one out....!

*Goddess* said...

Ok, Lin, here goes--you'll be sorry you asked. I was of the understanding that with forced air/oil heat the rooms were supposed to have both hot/cold intake vents? My bedrooms/bath/kitchen/laundry room all have hot air vent. The hallway has what I think is a cool air intake and there's one in the living room, too. So the living room is the only room with both hot and cold air, and the living room is the room that's so cold all the time. We have double pane windows that are only about seven years old, so I know they're good. I'm just wondering what would happen if we turned off the cold air intake in the living room?

The electric heater was made in China--I found that out through further investigation, but it has a wooden "mantle" over it (a cover, basically) and that's whats made by the Amish. The copy was misleading because it made you think the whole heater was made by the Amish. I'll see if I can find a link to the info.

*Goddess* said...

My husband brought one of those oil filled heaters home from his dad's, Bruno. How are they on electricity? It looks like a small radiator, like you said, but I had no idea what it was.

You must have left your comment while I was composing mine:)

Enforcer said...

E-Wife thinks hes a hottie too. People, hed doesnt even have a real name. Sheeeeesh

*Goddess* said...

E-Wife has good taste! Plow Guy IS a hottie:)

BRUNO said...

The ones that we use for "boosters" are pretty efficient on the 500-watt setting, with the temp-dial on about a 4. If you go to the 1000-watt position, they'll run you out of the room---but will also run you out of the BANK! I never use the 1500-watt setting---way too much amperage on that little plastic wall plug. The rule to follow, I guess---use it like a one-room air conditioner---"only as needed"!(They also make really neat food-warmers, for when the main course is runnin' late at the table! Just don't use paper-plates---DUH!!!)

Lin said...

Goddess, we aren't done with who is going to be sorry for asking ... brou-hah-hah-hah. I'm handing this one over to my professional in-house energy geek. He's good at this stuff but if you have ANY questions (as I usually do) just say so! Between him and our go-to-guy Bruno, we'll hash something good out for you.
My gut feel on that ;'Amish Mantle' pimping place is that they are scuz for their misleading adverts so don't go there yet. Okay, here's Mark:


I seriously doubt that a supplemental electric heater is going to be the least expensive solution to your problem. Operating an electric heater, regardless of type, is going to be more expensive than oil heat.

From your description it sounds like you have an oil-fired furnace with a forced air (i.e., ducted) distribution system. There are supply registers in each room but only a single common return to the furnace. This configuration is fairly common in smaller homes and mobile homes.

The amount of heated air supplied to each room is typically controlled by balancing dampers in the ductwork and/or dampers built into the supply registers.

A duct mounted balancing damper will have an L shaped handle pertruding from the side of the duct. With the handle parallel to the duct, air flow is at its maximum Rotating the handle towards a position perpendicular to the duct will reduce the air flow through the duct. If there is a duct damper in the duct serving the bedrooms, partially closing the damper should solve your problem - less air equals less heat.

Even if there are no dampers in the ductwork, there should be some type of dampering device at each supply register controllable from the face of the grille. Partially close the dampers in the bedrooms to reduce the amount of heated air supplied to those rooms and make sure the dampers in the living room supply register(s) are fully open.

If for some reason the supply registers in the bedroom do not have any dampering devices, you can accomplish the same thing by partially blocking off the face of the grille with a sheet of plastic or cardboard taped securely into place. Cover as much of the grille as necessary to produce the desired result.
If you have more details or questions, just let us ALL know, okay?

*Goddess* said...

Thanks, Lin & Mark. I know to close the registers BUT how do I get the heat to go into the living room where I want it? Somebody else told me to cover the registers I don't want and the heat will go into other rooms. And another person who was with us at the time, said, "That's not true, it will just stay in the duct work" so I have no idea how to get the heat in the living room...short of covering EVERY register but that one:)

Lin said...

Goddess, if you have registers with adjustable dampers - great! You wouldn't believe how many places I've run into where there is no dampering mechanisms (either designed that way or just broken). I hate to say it but whoever told you that FORCED hot air will stay in the ducts is a little off the mark. You know how you place a finger over the end of a garden hose and the pressure increases drastically as you press down? That's the same principle at work with the forced hot air in your ducts which is being pressurized by a fan on the furnace - the more registers you damp down (like the bedrooms), the more the hot air is inclined to flow to your living room. Play around with the dampers in the other rooms until you get the right balance, it might take some experimenting and some complaints from the kids in the process. ALSO, if this does not work, there might be some gaps and leaks in your ductwork that is allowing the air pressure to escape and diminish. If you have adequate access to inspect your ductwork while the furnace fan is running and pressurizing, pass your hand over all the ducting and junctions and you will definitely feel any leaks. Get a roll of GOOD quality duct tape (yep, that's how it got its name) and seal up the leaks. This will up the hot air pressure in your ducts and help send it to the room where you need it most.

Mind you ... if you patch up ALL the leaks and shut ALL the dampers, you WILL have a situation where the air pressure will not flow and you will strain and probably burn out the furnace fan ... don't go there. Keep the LR duct open fully while you are playing with the adjustments on the other ducts, you'll be just fine.

*Goddess* said...

Ok, thanks for all the info, Lin. I DO have access to all the ductwork, so I'm going to try this, but I also see duct tape over the seams. It suddenly turned warm, but it's supposed to get cold over the weekend, so we're going to test the dampers then. I didn't really think about turning the damper off all together in Mr. G's bedroom because he really does hate any heat over 60 degrees.

*Goddess* said...

Oh, and tell Mark thanks for his input!!

And Bruno, thanks for your input, too.

BRUNO said...

I should've read this one FIRST---I see Lin has already cautioned you on the "high-limit"!

Good deal! We wouldn't want an "over-done" Goddess on our plates...!