Wednesday, November 21, 2007

pre holiday jitters

Dear Lord, before Thanksgiving Day arrives tomorrow, I hope and pray that news reporters will bombard us with stories on why our Thanksgiving dinner is costing more this year, as if we're too stupid to figure it out for ourselves, and how much exercise I'll have to do to work it off. Oh, and Lord? What a joy it would be to see daily stories on the rising cost of gas and oil, the mortgage crisis, global warming, how air travel during the holidays is a "nightmare," the increasing cost of heating our homes this winter, and the weakening U.S. economy!

We're going out for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow after I get off of work--as per usual for the last six years--and Mr. G asked me if I was going to pick up some wine or Jack or some Wild Turkey to drink at home later since we're both off Friday morning. I told him "no" because I'll be asleep inside of a half hour if I down any alcohol. I think I actually have a slight allergy to wine because as soon as I drink it my stomach gets hot and my face gets incredibly flush. What's my body's reaction to Jack, you ask? How would I know? I pass out long before I have a chance to find out. Anyway, I'd like to enjoy some of my evening.
I did insist he buy a pumpkin pie, though. Usually I like to make my own, but with working on the weekends now, I don't have the time.
The last two years in a row I was DYING for a piece of pumpkin pie, but didn't get any. Ryan's Steakhouse has THEE BEST Thanksgiving spread and it's only like $12 for all you can eat, BUT their dessert bar looks like a horde of wild pigs danced on it by the time we get there at 6 p.m. It's obvious their desserts are frozen, you can see them melting under the lights. The melting, combined with people who just don't give a shit, makes for one sloppy dessert bar.

Yesterday Oprah gave away a refrigerator that had a built in TV and DVD player on one door and a screen on the other door for a constant slide show of your photos. The cost was over $3500, but I'm wondering who is so addicted to TV that they have to have one built into their refrigerator?! It's bad enough we have them in our CARS. Geez. Oh, I could understand a built-in laptop in your fridge, but a TV? No way.

Wow, is it ever warm here today. Nooot that I'm complaining, but it's always weird to be wearing short sleeves in November.
I still remember the New Year's Day back in the early 80's when the day was so warm and sunny we were playing frisbee in the front yard.

Am I the only one that's creeped out by Neil Diamond's revelation that he wrote "Sweet Caroline" after seeing a picture of an 11 year old Caroline Kennedy? "Hands reaching out, touching you, touching me"? Ewwww.

While I love Plow Guy, I just realized he's the goofball in the Flash Gordon clip they keep showing on The Soup. Oy. He should hide his head in shame for participating in that movie.

I love how the doctor that performed plastic surgery on Kayne West's late mother came on the Larry King show to talk about how he wasn't going to talk about the surgery, then left! What was the point of coming on and wasting everyone's time?

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The Future Was Yesterday said...

If it wasn't for us being so "stupid", who would the networks talk to?:) So much of what they "report" is preconditioning. "If you think gas is bad now, just wait until..." Get us ready for he slaughter.