Saturday, November 10, 2007

oh you can walk out on me tonight if you think that it ain't feelin' right

I am PISSED, PISSED, PISSED. I want to throw this stupid tv through the wall. And I would...if I had the strength to heft it.
I left everything connected exactly the way it was before we moved tv's. I only unhooked the cable into the tv. I *thought* it was working ok last night when I taped. I taped a little, then played back to test. Everything was fine. Then I tried to tape tonight and all I get is a frigging blue screen when I try to playback. GUH!! I hate this because Mr. G refuses to even learn anything about this stuff. It's always left to me. I should have told him he couldn't bring the tv into the house unless someone else set it up. I tried to tape my Court TV shows tonight and I WAS PISSED when I couldn't get it working right. I shouldn't have bought a separate VCR/DVD. If I'd bought a combo unit, I'd only have one thing to hook up. But I was concerned that if the VCR part of it broke, I'd have a worthless piece of equipment because I use the VCR way more than I do the DVD player. Now COPS is on tonight!!! Sigh. Gawd, where is Steve Huff when I need him?!

I watched Oprah on Friday with great interest. My former fiance, Donny Osmond, was on. Not a lot of people know I almost married Donny. Hell, I don't even think I told Bugs. I remember that time in my life so well. We planned a quiet wedding, just he, I and the entire Mormon Tuberculosis Choir. We were at the altar--or whatever those Mormon people call it--and he slipped the ring on my finger. Just as he was about to say, "I thee wed" some FREAKING IDIOT fell over the neighbor's foolproof tin cans on a string garden alarm and woke me up.
I should have been his wife, damn it! I was BORN to be a Mormon. And I have the child bearing hips and kids to prove it! Anyway, it was good to see Donny settled for that other chick he married. I know there's no getting over me.

Oooh, man, what I wouldn't have given to be a fly on the wall when my nephew walked into my overly Catholic mom's house wearing a t shirt that read "Mary is my homegirl". The Virgin Mary was depicted on the shirt. I'm guessing it wasn't pretty.
One time she was so offended by my nephew's "Blow Job: the only job I'll ever love" t shirt that she offered him $20 for it so she could burn it.
He took the money and when I asked him why he caved in, he told me it was his buddy's t shirt...LOL!

What am I missing here? The third wife of the officer who's wife is missing--I think their last name is Peterson--was found dead in a dry bathtub with a gash on the back of her head and it was ruled an "accidental drowning"? How does that work?

Sonny Perdue--hmmm, wonder if he's related to the Perdue chicken dude?--has asked the citizens of Georgia to pray for the increasing seriously drought situation in his state. Naturally, that's pissed off those people who think the word God should never pass over a politician's lips. These are probably the first people to blame God when there's a natural disaster.

When are the idiots at the G4 channel going to realize how low-brow the on-screen COPS 2.0 chat is? During the show they ask questions and people answer them at the bottom of the screen. One such question last night was "What do you collect?"
One person said "groins," another said, "toenail clippings" and another said tax evasion arrests. Yeah, that crap really adds to the show.

Wow. You know it's time to get a new desktop when you try to log onto Yahoo Mail and it says the new Yahoo Mail is not supported by your operating system. Sigh.


The Future Was Yesterday said...

"What am I missing here? The third wife of the officer who's wife is missing--I think their last name is Peterson--was found dead in a dry bathtub with a gash on the back of her head and it was ruled an "accidental drowning"? How does that work?"
It works the same way as that black guy they've been chasing stumbles into Emergency and says "I committed suicide", and sure as hell, they find forty gunshot wounds in his back!!

BRUNO said...

Yeah, I agree, maybe you COULD use an upgrade! But don't put too much "stock" in Yahoo Mail---hell, half the time they're not compatible with themselves, let alone your system. I run XP-2000, and the ONLY reason I have a Yahoo-mail is because it "came with the package" on my broadband...

BRUNO said...

And I realize this is a stupid question, but just exactly how does one collect GROINS for evidence?

Never mind, even I probably don't want to know THIS secret of the policemans' manual...!

*Goddess* said...

It's not cops commenting, Bruno, just dumb ass kids. And it shows.