Monday, November 12, 2007

lets get it started in here

I'd tell you to go out and hug a vet, but you know hugging leads to other things!!

I've often ordered from Figi's of Wisconsin and from time to time they include a small package of 2 or 3 Walker's Pure Butter Shortbread cookies with their gift packs. They make you seem like they're really high brow cookies with their "product of Scotland!" proclamation so proudly displayed on their label. So imagine my surprise when I walked into Dollar General this morning and found a 10 cookie pack for two freaking dollars.

Jon Stewart, talking about the protests he's gone to. "Then there was the Rodney King verdict. I heard the verdict and I thought "fuck the police!" I went outside and my friends were talking and we said, "Fuck the police!" So we went to this demonstration, 200 people in Times Square and one guy with a megaphone: "fuck the police!" We were just saying that! Let's march. "fuck the police!" "fuck the police!" "fuck the police!" Now there's 2000 of us, marching through the streets of New York City shouting "fuck the police!" and at that moment all hell broke loose. They were turning over cars, fighting and one guy had a gun. All I could think was, "where the FUCK are the police?"

I tried joining a Yahoo group yesterday. Instead of the usual email request, I was supposed to write why I wanted to join in 200 words or less. WTF? Is it a Yahoo group with dirty pics or a freaking essay test?
No damn wonder they only have two members in three years.
I should have sent him this: "I'm lonely and horny. Now let me see the damn pics."

Each time Elizabeth Hasselbeck has had her baby she keeps the name a secret and
announces it on The View, as if it's right on par with the second coming of Jesus.


BRUNO said...

Well, that WOULD have been less than 200 words, after all....!

BBC said...

Hey, you was right. I didn't buy an inflatable doll as they seem so fake. But I did buy something much more fun, thanks for the advice. :-)

Mushy said...


I'm harmless...hug me!