Saturday, November 03, 2007

lay down the boogie and play that funky music till you die

HELP!! I'm falling..............back an hour.

The Catholic League is once again outraged.
(FWIW, writers for the Catholic League need to invest in a new thesaurus.)

This time they're "outraged" over Britney's CD photos featuring her on the lap of a
priest and her leaning suggestively against the confessional.
Hmmm, pissing off religious leaders to get attention? Britney must have a new CD coming out. Seems the more worried they are the music will fail, the more inflammatory the pics.

I was reading an article in the newspaper about daylight savings time and how the switch has helped save energy. That's really interesting because several times when they raised gas prices during the spring and summer, they blamed it
on the fact that consumers were using MORE fuel due to longer daylight hours.
So basically we're using less electricity, but more gas. How have we gained?

The American Girl dolls have a new doll representing the 1960's. What in the world are kids going to learn from her?
How to live in a commune and smoke dope?


Mushy said...

'Til you die!

BRUNO said...

Hell, if she looks like a Connie Stevens, or a Nancy Sinatra, I'll buy one!

Probably MY damned luck it'll be a fuckin' "Hanoi Jane" Fonda doll---even though she WOULD make for an EXCELLENT target....!

*Goddess* said...

Bruno, I don't think it is a Hanoi Jane doll. If it is, she doesn't come with an NVA anti-aircraft gun.

BRUNO said...

OOOOOOOHHH---you caught me off guard with THAT comeback! Check, and Checkmate, Dudette....!!!