Tuesday, November 13, 2007

jive talkin'

Give me one second. There's something I need to mark on the calendar before I begin today's post.
"On this date in 2007, WE HAD SEX TWO TIMES IN ONE MORNING!!"
Now I need to circle it several times, draw big black arrows all around it and slap a smiley sticker next to it to represent the big grin I have on my face.

Ok, now that I've taken care of that important bit of business...

So Pope Benedict will make his first visit to the U.S. as Pope in 2008.
The cynic in me is NOT screaming, "Gee, I wonder how many millions that will cost?" right now.
Ok, it is.

My NUMBER ONE PET PEEVE on soap forums are people who make up character names. Like "Brook" and "Ridge" are "Bridge". "Taylor" and "Nick" become "Tick." Sometimes I have no idea who they're talking about. It's freaking annoying.


BRUNO said...

Sex TWICE---and in the morning, to boot!

Think I'll stick to "Once daily, on Mondays & Fridays, w/alternate weekends, and three-day holidays"---gives me more recovery-time...!

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Hold up, who's "we"? Does hubby know?

*Goddess* said...

Oddly, I had no need of "recovery time," Bruno...LOL. Maybe cuz he was doing all the "hard work";)

*Goddess* said...

Ooooh, you WOULD have to be the cracker jack detective in the group, now wouldn't ya, Carol?!

CHEWY said...

What's sex? I've forgotten. (scratches head)