Wednesday, November 14, 2007

*insert tirade here*

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It absolutely INFURIATES me when I have to clean house on my 3 1/2 days off. Why? Because the place is always a freaking pigsty by the time I'm off. I'm gone 57 hours a week, and guess who get stuck with the cleaning? Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.....
The clutter is what drives me crazy. And there's clutter everywhere since we've been trying to move some of the stuff we got from Mr. G's mother into the place and organize the stuff we have around it. I moved my bed out to make room for the new one, and now the old mattress/box springs are jammed into my tiny computer. Female Offspring #1 wants it, but right now we have no way of getting it down to Pittsburgh. So basically I can't turn sideways in the computer room.

Then Mr. G brought home old afghans and crappy blankets that I SPECIFICALLY told him NOT to bring and shoved them under the bed thinking I'm too dumb to see them, I guess. Tomorrow I'm getting up early, taking several garbage bags and going through the place until I've got a carload to take to St. Vincent de Paul's or Goodwill. I can't find places for the GOOD blankets I own, let alone crap that I don't want. I keep telling him to take the stuff to Goodwill so someone who really needs it can use it, but nooooooooo, it ends up here.

Every day he stops at the house to pick up mail, I say, "Do NOT bring one more thing from your mother's house," and I get an "I won't." Yesterday he brought home about 5 boxes of baby powder. I can't remember the last time any of us used baby powder. Today he brought home about 25 knives. I said, "Why do you keep bringing this JUNK home?!" He said, "We need knives." I said, "We need another drawer full of dull knives like we need another hole in the head." Add to the fact that I can't remember the last time we had a hunk of meat large enough to require a carving knife, and I'm ready to SCREAM. Now he has my knife drawer so jammed, I can't even close it.

I angry and frustrated, and I feel like I have PMS coming out every f'ing pore of my body. Other than that, things are jjuuuuuuust fine.


Anonymous said...

I hear ya. But, in my defense, I need my shit out around me 24/7 no matter if you're at work or not, Goddess.



CHEWY said...

Conversation at my Dad's house:
Me - Dad, why don't you get rid of the treadmill, you don't use it anymore.
Dad - Your Mother and I bought it together.
Me - Yes, but Mom would get rid of it. Put it out for bulk pick-up.
Dad - That costs $12.
Me - You drop $12 on 2 paperbacks at Cosco, then you throw them out.
Dad - I'll put it on the tree belt with a "Free" sign on it.
Me - No you won't, it's broken, the tread sticks. You want the trash picker person to come back and sue you if he gets hurt?
Dad - I'll fold it up and put it in the garage.
Me - UGH!

*Goddess* said...

I feel your pain, Chewy, around here it's "the shed". Evvvverything goes in the damn shed. Ugh.

Divalicious said...

Amazing how clutter and more clutter, and clutter on top of the clutter can bring the PMS out in a girl?

*Goddess* said...

Even more amazing...the only time I care about cleaning is when I have PMS...LOL!