Thursday, November 29, 2007

i need a little angel sitting on my shoulder

I was watching some of the Republican debate on CNN and in response to a woman's question about unsafe, imported toys, one senator, whose name I didn't catch, (I think it was Senator Hunter) said that we should buy American toys and American products this year. Rah, rah. What a patriotic idea. Now tell me, where the hell do you even FIND American made toys and American made clothing?! The fact that we don't even have many manufacturing jobs in the U.S. anymore is a huge part of the problem. And after listening to him for an hour, I HOPE to God someone buys Senator Giuliani false teeth that actually FIT for Christmas. Senator Ron Paul said it the best, "It's time to take care of America FIRST."

If I never hear the song "The Christmas Shoes" again as long as I live, I'll die a happy woman.

A big round of applause to those Indiana tree farmers who are sending twenty thousand Christmas trees to the troops overseas and in the U.S. What a great idea. I commend them for thinking of it.

Mr. G and I had a nice day off together yesterday. We spent most of it running errands, piddling around at the library, and I had to go to the chiropractor, but it was fun being off together.
We visited his mother and she's doing really well at the personal care home.
She always SAID she didn't want to be around people, but at the same time she was incredibly lonely. But she's thriving there and it's obvious she was in need of companionship, despite what she said.

After we visited her, we stopped up at her house to check on things and discovered Mr. G's sister had taken everything that wasn't nailed down,
despite the fact that they agreed certain things would remain in the house. He called her up and wanted to know what happened to the kitchen table and chairs, and she gave her usual, "I needed that." We know she's selling everything and keeping the money. It's her m.o.
As if he wasn't angry enough about that, we came home and her husband called and told Mr. G he wanted to borrow the lawn mower and weed eater we'd gotten from his mother. This is the same brother in law who phoned my husband and called him every name in the book during the whole coin collection fiasco.
THEN he said, "And I don't have any gas, so how about bringing some of that?"
My husband said, "Surely you have your own lawn mower and weed eater?"
And he said, "Ours doesn't work and I want to cut down some weeds." It's almost December. What weeds are growing now?
My husband said, "I have the mowers winterized," and he hung up. And indeed, he'd just put that stabilizer stuff in them the day before.
Then my husband said, "I know damn well he'll take the mower and the weed eater and I'll never see them again. They took everything out of that house they could and now they're trying to take the few things we got."
I've noticed that people who are greedy and money hungry never seem to be satisfied with what they have. They're constantly scheming to get more. Must be part of their hell on earth. And the sad thing is my husband said, "I'm so sick of my sister's greedy ways that I can't wait until I don't have to deal with her anymore."

While we were grocery shopping the other day, I bought some new teas. I love a good cup of herbal tea on a cold winter's night. We bought "Honey Vanilla Chamomile" and "Blueberry". I was rather skeptical of the blueberry, but it is delicious, as is the honey vanilla chamomile. My co-worker was telling me about a tea she purchased that was chocolate, caramel and cloves. An odd combination, but she said it was really good. I also bought eggnog tea, but I couldn't get into it. Totally smelled like eggnog, but it seemed strange to me to drink eggnog as a tea when I was used to the thick milky version.

We took Holly for her check up Monday night. The last time we took her, she weighed 98#'s. The vet told us he wanted us to get her down to 90#'s. So we switched to Nutro Weight Management dog food, cut out all the crappy Dollar General treats and only gave her 2 Weight Management bisquits. Last night she weighed 112#'s! Immediately the vet started talking to us about some freaking diet pill for dogs that only works while they're on it. I said, "How about checking her thyriod because I KNOW we are NOT overfeeding that dog. I have been very careful to only give her the three cups like it says on the label and she walks 3/4 - 1 mile EVERY DAY, seven days a week." The vet came back and said the normal range of thyroid hormone was something like 0.25 and the machine registers as low as 0.05. Holly's was so low that it didn't even register. On one hand, I'm glad we know what's wrong with her, on the other she has to take these pills the rest of her life, with blood work every three months. Oy.
My husband said, "When we were kids, we never took our dogs or cats to the vets and they lived a long life."
Yeah, but they weren't eating all this garbage processed dog food, getting vaccinations or drinking fluoridated water.
In other words, our attempts to make them "healthier" is probably what's killing them. Much like it's killing us.


BRUNO said...

By gawd, me and Mr.G MUST be on the same page! That's the same excuse I give, when "family" wants to "borrow" something!(I, too, really DID have my stuff winterized!)And I thought EXACTLY the same thing about the weeds---hell, it's WINTER, for Christ-sake! However, if you've got a snow-blower, or sidewalk salt, you tell Mr.G to "winterize" those behind a locked shed door!

Amazing how "street-wise" we become, when dealing with "family", ain't it???

*Goddess* said...

I think it's pathetic that family acts that way, but it also becomes clear why it is that we often treat friends BETTER than family. The act better!

s.j.simon said...

lol. did you know that chocolate was banned in switzerland for many years. read this

*Goddess* said...

"The locals didn't take to it"?! That's just...INSANITY! And thanks, I never knew that.

Anonymous said...

Oh, boy. We are on the same wavelength today, aren't we? I made a lovely chicken parm version using spaghetti squash last night!

Holly and I must be on the same thryoid schedule, too. :) Went to see my Endo yesterday. How timely. Yes, indeed it must be in the food and water these days.

I have a story about my doc visit that I'm going to blog in a few mintues. Look for it.


*Goddess* said...

I forgot all about serving it with spaghetti until later in the day! I just served it with veggies. We've cut way, way back on pasta, and I've taken to buying those small frozen spaghetti with meat sauce so we don't overdo and damned if I didn't pull one out of the freezer after we'd eaten supper. Guh!

I shall look for the doctor visit story!

Anonymous said...

Spaghetti squash is a lovely alternative to spaghetti noodles, and it's virtually calorie free, so I tend to make a lot and eat way more after it's cooked. YUM!


*Goddess* said...

Yeah we actually planted spag squash this year because we love it so much, but it's out of season and hella expensive.

BBC said...

I think that watching a Republican Debate would make me too upset and I'm already upset enough at the world.

So I'm making a crock pot of turkey noodle soup and going to listen to the Hoffman Brothers band at the Eagles this evening.

*Goddess* said...

It's not like I really WANTED to watch it, Billy, but I was snuggled up on the couch, the remote was across the room, and well, you know the rest of the story.

~Fathairybastard~ said...

LOVE eggnog. Can't wait to get some and guzzle the stuff.