Tuesday, October 30, 2007

yesterday is right behind me like a loaded gun

"One leg is Easter, one leg is Christmas, you come visit me between the holidays." MADtv.

This country is going to Hell in a brightly colored hand basket faster than I thought. I was reading an article the other day about parents who take their kids "Trunk or Treating". A group of "safe" parents gather treats for the kids and put them in the trunk of their cars, then they all meet in a parking lot, pull their cars into a circle and the kids go from trunk to trunk, "trunk or treating". Ugh.
Doesn't even SOUND fun. How long before some parent is suing because their kid inhaled gas fumes while "Trunk or Treating"? Don't be skeptical. This is the United States. We sue for the slightest thing in this country.
It's our God given right.....minus the "God" part, of course. My husband said, "Trunk or treating sounds about as much fun as watching your parents play with sparklers so you don't get burned." LOL! Flashback to his boring, but SAFE childhood.

I let Holly smell Furkey Joe Turkey (yes, I NAMED him!) and she lifted his tail feathers with her nose and tried to smell his ass...LOL!

Well, tonight is trick or treat night in da 'court and I have my mini Bibles and cans of crushed tomatoes all ready to go. Wish me luck! I feel confident the kids are going to love this "treat" so much better than the mini Snicker bars.

We have lost our minds in this country. I cannot believe an officer lost his job because he distributed THIS. Officer Roby Morris distributed it at roll call. A nine year veteran of the police force, and he loses his job over something so ridiculous as this. How in the world can this be considered insulting when people DO talk like this?!

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