Monday, October 29, 2007

we are family....puhleeze

I am so damn frustrated at what a greedy bitch my sister in law has turned out to be. She went through my M-I-L's house and took absolutely EVERYTHING decent she could take. When it came to dividing up furniture, my M-I-L didn't have a lot, but she had a new bed, new living room suit and new tv. My S-I-L took the living room suit and the bed, and left us the tv. Anything else I asked about like end tables and wall decorations, she'd say, "oh, those are mine. I loaned them to Mom."

I was FUMING, and here's why. When we first got married, my husband and I inherited about $6k in debt from HIS PARENTS. He agreed to help them update their house by taking out a loan to put on new siding and new windows, and buy them appliances they badly needed. (This was a few months before we met.) In return, they told him the house would be HIS ALONE when they died, because he was the one that always helped them when they needed it. He would have helped them anyway, but they lied to him time and time again about this to get what they wanted out of him.

His dad got pissed off at my husband over something stupid, as was so often the case, and being one of those controlling JERKS who tried to hold their kids hostage to their "inheritance", he threatened to take my husband out of the will. My husband told him to do whatever the hell he wanted. Instead of taking my husband out, he put my sister in law in. Then when he cooled down, he wanted to take her out but my M-I-L refused to sign. So I guess we have her to blame for this fucking mess.

My M-I-L hasn't been able to get upstairs for at least two or three years and yet when we went through the attic, there wasn't a cobweb to be found. Small cubby holes behind closets were all cleaned out nice and neat. Almost 60 years of marriage and I've never seen a house so empty in my life.

My F-I-L had an old coin collection--some coins from the 1800's--that he kept in a black suitcase. All four of the people in that family knew it and knew it was in the suitcase. Now there isn't a black suitcase to be found, and when my husband asked his sister her response was the same shit we've BEEN hearing, "I never saw it." When they were visiting with his mother yesterday, he asked right in front of his sister, "Mom, where's Dad's coin collection?" And she said, "In the attic in the black suitcase." Yet her sister knew nothing. She has a good job at the prison, pulls in at least $50 or 60k a year. It's just her and her husband at home now. They put in a new house about five years ago--despite the fact that they're both in their 60's--and yet she's grabbing everything in sight like she's po'.

When they decided to sell the house, my husband told my S-I-L that everything would be put in a CD with their name on it in "and" not "or"--because he doesn't trust her--and it would be used for their mother's care. She agreed, then turned right around and said, "Once we sell the house, I need $1k to pay my taxes. How about I take it out of Mom's money?" My husband was pissed and gave her an emphatic "That is NOT OUR MONEY."

What really infuriates me is that after all this, my S-I-L sat at the table the other day and said to my husband, "We'll share everything. You get a can of kidney beans and I'll get a can of kidney beans." I thought, "Yeah, but after you've stolen several cases for yourself first."

I told my husband yesterday that we are getting that new bed. We are NOT walking out of there with garbage while she takes everything. So when he told her that he felt she was getting way more than we were, she hesitated and said, "I don't want to fight over stuff." Easy to say when you have ALL the stuff. Long story short the bed is ours.

There's one thing my F-I-L always said about my S-I-L, "She can't be trusted." Too bad he left us pay the price for it.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like father like daughter to me. The apple didn't fall too far from that tree, did it? Your SIL learned well, indeed. I hate people like her. I really do.


*Goddess* said...

You're very observant. Took me years to realize he didn't trust her because she was just like him.

BRUNO said...

I sympathize with ya', girl! I won't even start on you with that old line, "If it ain't notarized on paper...!"

And the coin-collection? Ain't a damned thing you can do about it, except to "eat it". Using "kidney beans" as a reference---are you sure she ain't the same bitch MY brother married? That's about the same way that SHE referred to "OUR" family pictures from MY mom & dads' estate---later found she had literally threw them out with the trash. And, NO, I will NEVER forget, nor forgive her, or my brother for allowing it---why should I?

*Goddess* said...

I remember you saying she threw them in the trash in one of your posts. That was terrible. It's a good thing my M-I-L gave me two pics of my husband as a small boy several years ago, because there wasn't a single picture in that house either.

H2o said...

I have this to look forward to in a few years. Geez....I can't wait. My SIL is the biggest bitch that ever walked.

*Goddess* said...

Wonder why it's always the sisters-in-law that are bitches? I never hear people bitching about their B's-I-L. I think guys are a tad more laid back about this sort of stuff. They just stand back and let the chicks duke it out:)

Anonymous said...

H2O, one thing you can do now, before your SIL starts her looting, is to ask your parents if you can borrow their original photos and duplicate them for them at a print shop or service bureau. If you think they won't notice the difference, lock the originals in a safety deposit box or lock box at home with a key, and give them back the new copies of the photos. Or borrow them and have them scanned in and burned to a CD which can then be stored in a heat proof lock box at home with a key. I do that with my family's pix. I looted the photo albums but only to do everything I told you above, and after I made enough copies for everyone in our family.


Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

I sooooo know where you are coming from, I had steam coming out of my ears just reading this hon. My brother in law could make Scrooge look generous. He's still single (surprise, surprise), has a senior job as an architect, owns a huge house in London, plus another one in the country, doesn't smoke, drink or party, and only ever holidays in youth hostels! After my mother-in-law died, my father-in-law (bless him) passed all her jewelry over to me to hold as family heirlooms to pass down to our daughters. He did this in front of both hubby and his brother. I asked my brother in law if he would like to keep a piece, and let him choose something. He selected the most expensive piece - an antique ring. It wasn't until we returned to London that I discovered he'd gone back and STOLEN every other valuable piece out of her collection, leaving only the junk jewelry behind!!!

Needless to say, we recovered it all back, and he and I have barely exchanged words since.. Good luck with the bed - don't be taken for a mug.

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Oh yeah, I forgot to add - he's a church deacon, holier than thou! He's probably willed everything he owns to the church, too. (Bastard!)

BRUNO said...

Wanna know WHY it's always the S-I-L's in my case?

Because if it happens to be a B-I-L, I can beat HIM senseless, and only get 90 days, instead of LIFE!

Now, for S-I-L's, that's what "good WIVES" are for....!