Wednesday, October 17, 2007

there's no more tears left here for you to see

Wow. Remember "Baby Jessica" who fell down the well? She stands to inherit $1 mill in donations now that she's turning 21. Ssssssh, don't tell anyone, but I'm going to push one of my offspring down a well. I think I'll push Male Offspring #2. He'll be 21 next year. That way we won't have to wait so long to collect the moola. Although I can't help but think there are many in da 'hood who would like to push ALL my offspring down a well.

Livin' in America? Sometimes I wonder. Remember I said that Mr. G's mother is in an intermediate care home? Meaning she can pretty much take care of herself, but she needs help bathing and dressing. She is not permitted to take any sort of vitamin, mineral OR herb without WRITTEN PERMISSION from her doctor.

Speaking of Mr. G's mother, I went too high when I said it would be two weeks before she was complaining about the people she's living with. She complained within a week. Damn. Mr. G said his mother was checking out the obits in the newspaper and some woman came up to her, ripped the paper out of her hand and said, "Don't you EVER touch my newspaper!" Some of those old people are quite feisty.


The Future Was Yesterday said...

Forget pushing him down a well. Send him to find "baby Jessica!"

*Goddess* said...

Forget it. She's married with a kid already.

SpongyBones said...

She could be living with you!

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

That little old lady will be me a few years down the line - I can do territorial big-time!

You'll be lucky to find any empty wells left now that's hit the news..