Monday, October 22, 2007

sooner or later love is gonna get ya

One of our neighbors is selling their house, and they have the usual "For Sale" sign in their yard, along with their phone number. They wrote across the top--I kid you not--"police will be notified if sign is stolen," as if there's
been a huge rise in the theft of "for sale" signs with someone else's phone number already written on them. In my mind, writing something like this on the sign is pretty much just begging the teens in the area to steal it.
Hell, I wanted to steal it after I read their little threat.
The other day we were walking the dog around 4 in the afternoon and the police cruiser came by. I remarked to Mr. G
that it's nice that we have police presence in the middle of the day for such a small community.
He said, "Maybe he's driving around to make sure none of those "For Sale" signs have been stolen?"

Some people are strange. I was visiting one of my favorite forums this past week and someone I didn't
know posted a few comments to me. I answered, and as per my usual routine, I checked out their profile.
First of all, I like to know if I'm talking to a male or a female because sometimes you can't tell from their sn.
Secondly, I like to check their age because I'd rather not spend my time posting to 13 y.o. boys.
While I was checking for those two pieces of info, I scanned down the page quickly and noticed this person liked a tv show that I liked, so when I answered them,
I also posted, "BTW, I see you like BlahBlah. What are some of your favorite eps?"
So this person answers me and, in another thread, at the same time, makes some
snarky comment to a different poster about how they're going to make all the information in their profile
private because they were annoyed people were reading it.
Excuse me, but why the *F* would you take the time to fill out a five
section PUBLIC profile--complete with a million of your "favorite" quotes--and then be insulted when someone reads it?

I went to bed last night before Mr. G and there was one strip of gluten free brownies left. I kept thinking I should have
wrapped them up to take to work the next morning, but I was too lazy to get out of bed. I got up this morning and
thought, "No way are they still going to be in the kitchen. Mr. G probably ate them for breakfast." THEN I rememebered
the millions of times he's told me he HATES to eat chocolate for breakfast. I ran to the kitchen and sho' nuff, they were still there.
Bless you, honey, for being a morning chocolate hater.

I was reading a book by Debbie Macomber over the weekend. Normally I like her books, but this one didn't gel with me at all.
I dislike books where the author makes it seem as if the guy is never right and he's constantly hurting
the heroine's feelings by being a clumsy oaf. In one instance in this book, the hero tries to make small talk in the grocery
store and he tells Joy that she doesn't need diet frozen dinners because she's skinny enough. Apparently someone called her "skeleton"
in grade school and that hurt her feelings so she rushes out of the store and starts crying.. Ugh.
Try dealing with "fatty, fatty two by four, can't get your butt cheeks through the door" and then we'll talk!
Damn, why won't those memories of the fifth grade leave me alone?!

Mr. G called me at work on Sunday to tell me that one of the ladies where his mother is
staying was taken to the hospital with chest pains. I said, "It wasn't that newspaper control freak, was it?"
He said, "Yes! When I found out who it was, I asked my mother if she took her paper again and
upset her, but she swore she didn't. She said she was yelling at someone else about the paper when she started getting chest pains."
I said, "Well, on the upside we know she won't be in the hospital for very long. She'll need to get back to the house to keep an eye on her paper."
We were visiting with my M-I-L the other day and this 80 something woman came by and my M-I-L said, "She's only 59 years old." My husband said, "Mom! I'm 58. That woman is NOT one year older than I am." She said, "Maybe I didn't hear her right." LOL! Ya think?

I gotta see the new Bee Movie! I love the commercial where the family is driving in the car, and the little baby says, "Hi, bee!" and Jerry Seinfeld's bee says, "Hi!" Everyone in the car screams. LOL. I love these animated movies.

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