Tuesday, October 16, 2007

risque business

And here's the latest on the business with porn actress Barbie Cummings and former Tennessee State Trooper Randy Moss since you all seem to be googling that anew.

A former Tennessee state trooper accused of having sexual contact with a porn star has been indicted on 10 criminal counts.

James Randy Moss turned himself in on Tuesday morning after being indicted by the Wilson County grand jury.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation began investigating Moss in June after an adult film star, Barbie Cummings, posted an explicit video of the two on her Web site. Cummings' birth name is Justis Richert.

After a raid on Moss' house in June, officials said they took the hard drive from Moss' computer, cell phone and floppy disks. Before the raid, officials said they were reviewing more than 25 traffic stops involving Moss.

Though she received a speeding ticket, Moss is accused of ignoring some illegal pills in Cummings’ car in exchange for a sexual favor. Moss resigned after Cummings said she performed oral sex on him during the stop.

Cummings, 21, wrote about their encounter on her blog and said in May that the trooper sent her photos and video he shot at the stop.

Her blog said that although she acknowledged having drugs she described only as "happy pills," the trooper threw them into the brush near the highway.

"I thought it would be a good blog story. (I thought) my fans would love it and they did," she said.

But according to her, receiving a speeding ticket wasn't the interesting part of the encounter.

"He ended up throwing (the drugs) out and not giving me a ticket for it, and I offered him an oral favor as a nice gesture," said Cummings.

She said Moss went to a secluded area and claims he later asked if he could tell his friends about her Web site.

Cummings believes that is what got him in trouble.

Moss was put on administrative leave with pay after an internal complaint was made against him.

District Attorney General Tommy Thompson said in June that publicity surrounding the case prompted other women to come forth with complaints about Moss, which the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and the FBI investigated.

The charges against Moss include official misconduct, official oppression and destruction of evidence.

About half of the charges stem from the incident involving Cummings. The other four are a from a separate incident with another female driver.


Mushy said...

I refuse to post anything about this myself...I'm tired of all the hits I get!

*Goddess* said...

A hit is a hit, as far as I'm concerned;)

The Future Was Yesterday said...

If I was that cop, I'd scream politcal discrimination!!

Bill Clinton didn't get fired!