Sunday, October 21, 2007

mysterious and kooky and all together ooky

I will be the first to admit that I can easily be distracted by shiny, brightly colored objects. When I was purchasing my new digital camera, I almost scrapped the icky grey Nikon for a candy apple red Samsung. Then I thought, "Hmm, when you think cameras, do you think "Nikon" or "Samsung"? In Kodachrome, did Paul Simon sing, "I got a Samsung camera...." I don't think so, thus I guilted myself into buying the boring grey Nikon that takes great pictures. Oh woe is me.
Imagine my surprise this morning when I opened the Sunday paper and saw a
FREAKING SHOCKING PINK Nikon for the same damn price!!! WalMart, I hate thee!

One of the chicks I work with said she was going to help her mother close up
their "summer home." I said, "Where is your summer home?"
She said, "About 20 minutes west of our house." Ok, you know you're a fricking redneck if your "summer home" is in the same county as your main home.

When Parade Magazine is honoring America's Top Cops for 2007, they least they can do is include a full sized color pic of each in the paper, not a crappy postage stamp sized black and white picture. After all, they're heroes!
How can we show our awe if we can't see their bravehottnessity properly?
Thankfully, they have bigger pics of all these brave, hott officers online.
Here's the weird thing: in the paper they only have a full color picture of Officer Gilbert, Officer of the Year. In the online version of the story, they have pictures of everyone but Officer Gilbert. Geez, he's the main man. How can you not have his picture?
Congrats to 2007 Officer of the Year, Roy Gilbert of the Detroit PD.

I watched candidate Stephen Colbert's interview on Meet The Press this morning. Ugh.
It was a stiff, uncomfortable offering at best as Tim Russert tried to interview Stephen in character.

The Always commercial where they compare a woman's period to a broncing buck? Oy.
Granted, it's not pleasant, and it's disgusting when you get blood on your pants, but it's not like we're constantly being bucked during our periods. To be honest, though, I could go for a good bucking right about now....


BBC said...

My first digital device for getting pictures onto my computer was a 'Snappy'. It would grab frames off of my camcorder so that I could get them to my computer.

My first digital camera was an HP C200. My newest one is an HP 525. I've been very pleased with both of them.

They are not top of the line cameras, but they do what I want them to do and they are very tough.

I once dropped the 200 on a cement floor and it still works just fine.

Hey, have a great day, hugs.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Take the camera back, if it's less than 30 days old, with the ad. Some places will match the ad.

Haven't seen the bucking bronc ad, but then I ain't be watching, either. Perhaps it may be more in reference to the PMS that often goes with it?


summer house in the same county?LOL

Lin said...

Hmpphh ... guess we take the redneck award then - our summer place is the same old Rat trailer that our winter place is. ... AND our Spring Place AND our Fall place. You save a lot of gas in the process though.

SpongyBones said...

Take it back to Wally World and trade it! I bet you could get the clerk to do it!

Always commerical. I would like to see that one, might not be so strange watching it with a woman! Are you all just as uncomfortable with us as we are with you when it comes on?

*Goddess* said...

Well, Spongy, when they show chicks using their tampons to plug up boat holes, I'd have to say yeah, I'm not all that comfortable watching that shit either.

Dustin said...

Everything ok? You havent updated in a while, was just thinking of ya.

*Goddess* said...

Thanks, Dustin, I'm fine. I've been updating on my main site, but I haven't copied it over yet. I'll do that tonight.