Monday, October 15, 2007

monday morning you look so fine

I wish some of these online companies would hire people who comprehend the English language. I placed an order at an online store and a notice popped up that I was eligible for free shipping because it was my first order and it was over $25. However, when I went through the final checkout, it charged me $5.99 for shipping. So I emailed, explained the situation and asked them why I wasn't given the free shipping. First, they emailed me back with an automatically generated response that included a list of possible subjects I could check out on their site, like their shipping practices, blah blah. I emailed back that this didn't answer my question. Secondly, they sent me a personal response in which the chick outlined how to use their entire site. Didn't address my question in any way, shape or form. I re-sent another email, which garnered me another automatically generated response. Ugh. I hate this dumb game. I went through this same bullshit with Direct TV concerning my bill. Oddly, when I informed them that if my bill was late for the third month in a row, I was reporting them to the postal inspectors and the Better Business bureau, I received a personal phone call from them the next business day. They seemed to have no problem understanding that email.

I went to the grocery store this morning after work and was assailed by products swathed in pink. Pink soup cans, pink cereal boxes, pink you name it. I've even seen pink ribbon wind chimes! Why? Because October is Breast Cancer AWARENESS month and all these little pink labels equal BIG MONEY for the manufacturers. Let me ask you a question: how many of you are NOT "AWARE" of breast cancer? And what rock have you been living under? Personally, I won't buy these products and here's why: they tell you a "portion" of the proceeds to go breast cancer research. How much is a "portion"? Fifty cents? Five cents? A penny? I think this is just a clever marketing strategy to hook women into buying products all the while preying on their fears. Food companies have no business tying themselves to disease. What's next? "Wear black wristbands for Prostate Cancer Awareness Month"? If these companies sincerely wanted to donate to breast cancer research, wouldn't they have done so? My favorite is Yoplait who ask you to send in their inner pink foil seal lids and they donate a whole dime. Wouldn't you like the job of opening those envelopes and dealing with those lids? Yuck.
One has to ask that with all the money and reasearch supposedly going on in this country, why haven't we made ANY strides against eradicating cancer? All these years, and the best they have is chemotherapy? A treatment that kills all the healthy cells right along with the bad?
The sad truth is that there is no money in health, but there's a TON of money in sickness and disease. As evidenced by all the pink cans and boxes.

I purchased a package of Pamela's Irresistible Chocolate Brownie Mix. It's gluten free and wheat free, using no white flour. They use honey and molasses to sweeten, instead of white sugar. You'd think they'd be pretty crappy, considering all that's missing, but they're actually very good brownies. HOWEVER, the honey & molasses makes them pretty carbohydrate laden, with each brownie having 23 carbs, so if you're on a low carb diet, I don't know how much of a help that would be. The package makes a small 8x8 pan and 16 brownies, so that's a fairly large amount of carbs. I believe each brownie has about 190 calories, too.


Dustin said...

There was an article on the local news here about how a lot of companies are jumping the "pink" bandwagon, and while they say some is donated, a lot of them arent donating anything and to do your research if you really want to buy stuff that actually is donated.

Stargazer said...

Black for prostate cancer? Hehe...I think it would be blue

*Goddess* said...

Yeah, I think this is a large part of the problem, Dustin. People automatically assume that proceeds are going to research if the packaging is pink or has the ribbon. And it's totally shitty of companies to take advantage of this situation.

BRUNO said...

I think you just answered your own question---it's about the MONEY.

My sister died of breast cancer. No blame being assigned here. But it never ceased to amaze me, how CARING, and CONCERNED, the doctors, hospitals, cancer units, etc. were---as long as the INSURANCE held out. Once it was depleted, it was six weeks---it was all over. Two weeks of it was with home hospice, who DONATED, not SOLD, her the morphine to dull the pain.

I agree with you---who really IS the REAL caring ones???

The Future Was Yesterday said...

As a former cancer patient (with insurance thankfully!), I can tell you cancer is the health care industry's #1 money maker.

I was the official guardian for a brother in law who died many years ago, of cancer. We were told he was terminal 5 months before he died. Yet, three months before he died, his Doctor wanted to operate on him! When I asked why, I was ignored. I turned the Doctor in to the AMA for fraud - and never heard a word back.

There''ll never be a cure for cancer. You're right. There IS no money in health.

Lin said...

Nice to see that I'm not the only cynic out there. When I see pink or green, I think "Yeah right ... BIG profits for companies." You're dead on, there is NO upfront disclosure as to how much is really donated.

SpongyBones said...

I love your presistance! Didn't they use pink flour. I heard that food made with that has NOOOOOO calories!