Saturday, October 27, 2007

i stutter like a broken clutch when you touch me too much

I came home from work this morning and Holly and I took a nice walk in the breezy Fall weather. The leaves were blowing all around and it was only slightly chilly. There wasn't a soul around, and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

I was going to buy some new bath sheets and I asked Mr. G to go to his mother's and see if she had any before I bought them. They're going to sell her house and everything has to be divided anyway. He came home with TWO TOWELS.
50 years+ of marriage and there's two towels, no blankets and not a sheet set in the house. In other words, his greedy ass sister has already cleaned everything out.

Guess what bill arrived early the way it should after I threatened their asses with
the postal inspectors and the BBB? Direct TV. Funny how that stuff works, huh?

Joy Behar made an incredibly stupid statement the other day. They were talking about the wild fires in
California and she said something along the lines of, "Bush took so long to respond to Katrina. Yet he's moving so quickly in California. Why is that?" DUH. Because if he doesn't, he proves that he hasn't learned a damn thing from Katrina.

The Republicans scare me when most of their debate responses consist of berating Hilary Clinton for things she's done. Or hasn't done.
Why not focus on what they plan to do?

I was watching a show on Court TV last night, and a cop stopped an obviously drunk man. He was trying to get him to perform the DUI test where he has to follow the penlight with his eyes only. The guy kept moving his head and the cop was getting rather testy.
Finally the guy said, "There's a reason I can't do this test. I have a glass eye."
The cop said, "Which one is the glass eye?"
And the drunk said, "Both of them are glass."
The cop said, "They can't BOTH be glass!" LOL!!!


Anonymous said...

And both of his legs were hollow, too, right? *snort*


*Goddess* said...

Well that WOULD explain his inablity to stand upright....

Mushy said...

Love the eye thing...too funny!

The Future Was Yesterday said...

""Bush took so long to respond to Katrina. Yet he's moving so quickly in California. Why is that?""
The difference in financial standing between the two probably didn't hurt a thing, either.

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Don't do this to me, I've just snorted half a cup of tea up my nose! Two glass eyes, he-he..

BRUNO said...

I have to salute you! Only someone who has actually used a broken-clutch could REALLY appreciate that sort of description!

Hell, that SUV I bought a while back was the first automatic we'd bought in 13 years! A sign of "advancing-age", I guess.......!

*Goddess* said...

While I'd LIKE to accept that salute, it's actually a line from a song by Bree Sharp...not related to cheese:)

*Goddess* said...

Yeah, everybody likes to point out the difference in financial standing between Louisiana and California, Future, but like I said, Bush has no choice after all the FEMA furor. He HAS to step up to the plate no matter WHERE the disaster is.

BRUNO said...

That's OK! At least you know what a damned clutch is! Other than a purse, that is.....!

*Goddess* said...

Yes, I know enough to know that I don't EVER want to drive a car with a clutch:)
Shifting AND could I hold my hoagie if I'm using both hands to drive?! It's insane!