Tuesday, October 16, 2007

i got one hand in my pocket and the other is giving a peace sign

Let's not be so quick to judge. Maybe she found a solar pumpkin floating in her toilet, too.

Stephen Colbert: "An apple a day keeps anyone away... if you throw it hard enough."

Oooh, I thought the neighbor going to the Dairy Queen drive through
on his lawn mower was bad enough. Guess this is where the term "hauling ass(es)" comes into play.

I decided awhile back not to talk about Overtime Hawg if possible because I felt like the more I ragged on her, the more she owned me. I wanted the situation to get better, so I felt like I needed to stop talking about it. BUT something happened the other day that filled me with such GLEE, that I had to share. She came into work on Monday morning and said, "There's something I wanted to ask you..."*frowns* "hmmm..." *acts like she can't quite remember what it was* "oh, yeah. Will you work for me on Christmas Day?" I said, "No. I intend to spend that day with my family, the same way you would if you had it off" and walked away. Lin's right! There IS power in NO. But again, what boggles my mind is that she even asks me.

I was online this morning trying to find a Neti pot.
Does anybody know the website that searches the net for the best deals?
I tried Shopzilla, but I think there are more popular ones. Or is that just for books?
I've been waking up the last few mornings with my nose so stuffed and dry I can barely breathe, and I don't know why. We haven't even turned the heat on yet. I think if I start using the Neti pot NOW that will help me with this problem, and with any possible colds come winter time.
I'll probably find out I'm allergic to those dust mites I keep hearing so much about. I know at work the problem is the neighbor's smoking. When we have the windows open, I can barely breathe in the evenings. They go out on their back porch and smoke and all that pollution comes right into our windows on that side of the building. For some reason, the other ladies don't seem to notice it, but it really bothers me.

The chick at My Blog Log said she'd "fix" my problem. Yeah, it's fixed. Now my Hott Cops blog has been totally eradicated, along with all of the folks who were listed as "friends". Now it's showing my Blonde Intuition blog instead. So I slapped the code for Blonde Intuition stats into my Hott Cops template so I can view them anyway.


Jay said...


The Future Was Yesterday said...

"four unrestrained children, all around age 4, on a busy street in a 15-foot motorboat pulled by a lawnmower isn't a good idea."
Key Rist!! In W. Va, that's a new caddy, ain't it?

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Good on you hon, overtime hawg hits the dust, eh? Some folk never get it, their hide is too thick - an outright NO is sometimes essential.

*Goddess* said...

That's it! Thanks, Jay:) I ordered from Walgreens and I don't even remember that coming up in my first search with the other site.

*Goddess* said...

A new caddy? LOL!! Good one, Future.

*Goddess* said...

My husband is always stunned when she continues to ask me for favors, Carol. The thing is even though I turned her down for this, I'm more than willing to bet my paycheck, she'll ask me for something else. Oy.