Thursday, October 18, 2007

friday lowdown

I saw a Halloween article on MSN talking about how your kid could dress like Kid Rock and Britney. I didn't get a chance to read it, but here's my take on their "costumes". For Kid Rock, first thing you want
to do is stop bathing and washing your hair at least a week to a week and a half before trick or treat night. For Brit, first you strip off you underwear and shed your common sense right along with the undies....

This is one weird woman. One can only imagine what her relationship with her bf was actually like.

I must give the medical community it's due. They never miss an opportunity. You know that there's this MRSA bacterial infection that's going around and they can't seem to figure out how it's getting to the general public, since it's usually seen in hospitals. [Although on the noon news, I heard that it might have something to do with the family dog, but they didn't elaborate.] They listed several things you can do to safeguard yourself, like washing your hands and keeping wounds covered. They also suggested you get a flu shot because it "boosts your immune system." What a load of hooey. To even HINT that the flu shot might protect people against a bacterial infection is ridiculous. Next they'll be telling us to get flu shots so we don't get colds. Or maybe that's coming next.

The neighbor's daughter came down the street yesterday bawling her eyes out. My husband and I were chatting with him and I asked if she was ok. He said she was having problems with her history classes. (I think she's in 7th grade.) It made me think about how at every stage of your life, you think the problems you're facing are the biggest you'll ever face, and you wonder how you'll get through them. For instance, when I was in Catholic grade school, the nuns were INSANE about neatness. I honestly think this is where my perfection/procrastination cycle began. I would write an answer, then erase it because I felt it wasn't neat enough and they were going to yell at me. So at that stage in my life, my biggest worry was that I was going to rip my paper from too many eraserings. (Yes, it is a Then when I got to junior high, I worried about art class. I hated art class because in Catholic school, we'd have art class once every six weeks or so. And it consisted of the nun passing out a picture of a painting and then we'd discuss it. I didn't know Van Gogh from Van de Camp's. Again, at that stage of my life, that seemed HUGE to me to get through those classes. High school seems to be all about your appearance and whether you measure up. Then when you get married and start having kids, suddenly you worry about how you're going to feed them and how you'll pay for their schooling, and you WISH you had problems the size of first grade problems. But it doesn't matter, because at that point in your life, a ripped paper is as huge a deal as paying your taxes is to you right now.

I really love this Nikon camera that I bought. I don't have the problem with red eye at all. Holly was sitting next to me outside this morning, and as soon as I pulled out the camera to snap a few pics, she looked at me over her shoulder, as if to say, "Ok, my turn." I snapped the pic and it came out perfect. Her brown eyes are true to color and I never had to mess with it. I still haven't even grasped much of the features. I think I had it set for "scenery". That's the only thing I don't like. It gives me a bunch of options like portraits and scenery, but you don't have time to mess with that sort of stuff when a picture opportunity arises. Apparently I have it set where it's supposed to be.


The Future Was Yesterday said...

"when I was in Catholic grade school,"
When I look back at my illustrious child hood, I'm grateful for that one thing: I didn't have to attend an Catholic School! I don't think I've ever met anyone with good memories.:)

And that's one handsome Dawg! I assume he got a worthy reward for posing?:)

*Goddess* said...

I don't know anyone who had happy memories of Catholic school either...except for the joy of their last day:)

Nah, Holly didn't get a treat for posing. Just the "treat" of spending time with!