Friday, October 26, 2007

crack the safe

How can anybody be so hateful in the name of God?
My best to Albert Snyder and his family in dealing with this matter.

Some of these laws are absolutely crazy.

Well, this was interesting. On Thursday, I was locked IN my car. I had to crawl over to the driver's side and get out that way. That was probably the one time in my life that I regretted buying a small car. I had a hard time getting my leg over the gear shift, but when I stepped out into the parking lot, I screamed, "TA DA!" ala Houdini. No wonder people look at me weird.
I locked the driver's side door after I got in--something I rarely do--and when I tried to get out at the store, the lock wouldn't pull up.
I tried working the release while pulling up on the lock, but that did nothing.
After I crawled out, I opened the backseat door and tried to work the lock from the inside as well as the outside with the key and that didn't work either.
I was afraid of breaking the lock, when all of a sudden the damn thing just opened. I came home and decided I should try spraying the lock with WD-40 and I opened the door, pushed the lock down, and didn't the doggone door get away
from me and partially lock. GUH! I had to work to open it again. Then I tried the WD-40. It seemed ok, but I'll find out tomorrow night when I go to work.
I don't want to have to worry about this because they've been breaking into cars lately and I always keep mine locked. Even in my own driveway, a fact that makes Mr. G nuts.

On the Today Show Thursday morning, they were discussing an upcoming interview with Kate McCann, the mother of little Madeline, who was kidnapped in Portugal. The reporter was saying that Kate had been criticized for her lack of emotion in public. Then the reporter practically gushed with glee that this interview was one in which Kate cried and showed the emotion that had been previously lacking. That's pathetic. They were told NOT to show emotion in case the kidnappers were watching and getting off on their pain. Damned if you do and damned if you don't.


SpongyBones said...

Just make sure you use your wand from your WD 40 next time. Ta da it's MAGIC!

*Goddess* said...

I used it this time. At first I just sprayed and inserted the key, then I used the wand. The wand is so doggone flimsy I was positive it wouldn't be strong enough to push the lock in while I sprayed, but sho' nuff it was:)

BRUNO said...

I thought you were gonna say you got hung on the shifter, pulled it into neutral, and went for an unplanned ride!

Do you lock that particular door with the KEY, or do you always use the push-knob before you shut it?

I used to have an Olds that would do that same thing, IF I used the button. If I used the KEY, it wouldn't "drop" as far, and always unlocked!

WD-40 is good for that! Also, they do sell a small WD-40 aerosol, made especially for keyholes---not near as flimsy, and is pocket sized, only about as big as the average lipstick container!

BRUNO said...

And quickly, whatever you use, DO NOT USE LOCKSMITH-STYLE GRAPHITE to lube the mechanism, or you'll be the proud owner of a nearly irreversible cluster-flub!!!!! That stuff is for HOUSEHOLD locks, only!!!!~

*Goddess* said...

Don't even SAY that about getting hung up on the gear shift and going for a ride because I've never seen a car that shifts so easily between gears as this damn Kia. I don't know how many times I've been waiting for Mr. G to open the garage door and I've reached for something and knocked it into another gear. Pisses me off.

I've seen the smaller cans, but I had a bigger can because I use it in the laundry. It's great for reactivating grease stains and then I slather them with Dawn and they come right out.

The guy who changed our locks on the house actually told me to use WD-40 on the car locks every year, but of course I forgot.

*Goddess* said...

Damn it, Bruno, I never even answered your question. I always lock the doors by pushing the button down. I'll have to try it with the key next time, but I'm hoping the WD did the trick!

The Future Was Yesterday said...

(from the link) "Whitaker was arrested for sodomy"
Uh....isn't that "The other end", or has oral sex really changed and I don't know it?