Saturday, October 06, 2007

and i don't want the world to see me cuz i don't think that they'd understand

This morning I found this note on my front door: "Mother Dearest, we have not returned your stupid pumpkin, but we have returned your gay geese. You refused to buy us iPods, remember? And we don't have cell phones either. We have cheap walkie talkies you tried to pass off as cell phones! Little Debbie Snack Cakes--but not the Oatmeal Pies, we hate those--or the pumpkin gets gutted!!"
I'm not giving in to these demands!!
Well, I would if I had the $1.29 for the snack cakes, but payday isn't until next Thursday.

I was watching Family Feud during my lunch hour and one woman was introducing her family, which consisted of her M-I-L, 2 B-I-L's and her husband.
She said, "This is my handsome, single brother-in-law, my sexy husband and my intelligent brother-in-law." Handsome, sexy and... intelligent? OUCH.
Why didn't she just tell us about his "great personality"?

I was reading an article about a new DVD from the creators of Sesame Street in which Elmo discusses soldiers and their injuries. Rosita is upset because her father has returned home from the war in a wheelchair, and Elmo encourages her to discuss her feelings with her parents. I think this is an excellent idea. Kids are afraid of things that are different. I remember when I was little, my grandmother's sister-in-law lived with her and she used a walker. I was terrified of her, and I used to scream and cry every time I saw her with that walker.
(Although when I got older, I realized she wasn't scary, she was just a damn sharp Pokeno player, who took me for spare change every chance she got.)
It has to be frightening for some of these children to see their parents returning home without arms or legs, and I don't know of any other children's program who is addressing this issue. Great idea, Sesame Street.


BBC said...

"Little Debbie Snack Cakes"

I like some of those various snacks, but I don't think they are very popular here as I get them two for a buck.

I recently won an Ipod, and gave it away. They are just little figging noise makers and there is already to much noise in my head. :-)

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

You said it, BBC.

Sam is terrified of wheelchairs. Bit of a bummer, since most kids in his unit uses one! Sigh.

Can you post me an offspring? I think I could learn a lot from them. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

Thumbs up to Elmo.

Yummy, and inexpensive. I love the Oatmeal Cream pie ones.