Tuesday, October 23, 2007

act of contrition

Have you heard the great news? Some police departments are giving CITIZENS radar guns so they can spot
speeders and turn them into the PD. They, in turn, will send out a letter of warning, depending on how
fast the drivers were going. People sit on their front lawns and record the speed of passing motorists.
Some PD's require the snitches to be in a vehicle.
Oh, gawd, I have GOT to be the first one in the trailer court to get one of these.
I'd turn in everyone of my neighbors, given the chance........and complete anonymity.
I'm guessing Mom and Dad will also want to sign up for the program. Next time I visit, she can not only tell
me who the "drug dealers" are in her neighborhood--and who they're sexing up--she can also point out the speeders. After the "solar pumpkin toilet incident of '07," I sat the offspring down and explained to them how it hurts my feelings when they hide my solar pumpkin.
So, of course, I haven't seen hide nor hair of it for DAYS.

I actually bought a movie on DVD. And it wasn't a Billy Blanks workout. You know how rare that is for me?
I think I own about three non-pornographic movies to date, and coinkadinkly
they're all Christmas movies: Prancer, A Season for Miracles, and now The Polar Express.
I watched TPE this afternoon. I think this is my fourth time watching it.
I would LOVE to see this movie on a widescreen. When they went through
Glacier Gulch my stomach dropped like I was riding a roller coaster ride. The computerized effects are just great.
My favorite part is where the jingle bell falls off the reindeer's sleigh, and rolls to the boy's feet.
The music slows down and he says, "I believe! I believe!" I also love the hot chocolate dance scene.
Most memorable line from the movie, IMHO is "One thing about trains: it doesn't matter where they're going, what matters is deciding to get on."

I was watching a soap the other day in which the egg of one woman was implanted and carried to term in another.
These two women hate each other and they're both after the father of the baby, even though one of them is
married to him already. These two women confronted each other and the one who carried the baby went ballistic,
screaming and crying and in the middle of all these hysterics, her clueless husband pats her on the back and says, "It'll be ok." Oy vey.
The Young and The Restless kept hyping their big Clear Springs explosion story, but I think it was more like a big dud.
They showed them pulling people from the building and there were the spectators standing in front of the cops, who were just standing there jawing.
Yeah, you see that at every accident scene.
Peter Bergman was supposedly buried beneath the rubble of the casino garage and yet he maintained his perfectly white
dress shirt the entire time during the first day, despite the fact that his face was covered in soot and ash and they were digging their way out.
The second day they dirtied him up appropriately. Funny thing, though, hardly anyone was coughing, despite the fact that there was so much dust from the collapse.

The folks at The Price is Right need to give Drew Carey a suit with pockets. I noticed on the show
the other day that he is constantly fingering the top of his jacket pocket.
They either need to let him dress more casually--and really why does a game show host need to be wearing
a suit?--or give him pockets. The guy's probably nervous--understandably so--and they need to give him
something to do with that hand until he gets used to the crowd.

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