Tuesday, September 25, 2007

you know i could never stand for this

Congrats to FHB and South for guessing that TV's Most Memorable Character was....drum roll, please....Archie Bunker. When I was watching this show, and I've seen it on others of the same ilk, they started waxing poetic about Mary Tyler Moore and how Mary Richards was such a fantastic "role model" for single, working women. I shudder to think that ANY TV "character" is a role model. They're fictional, for Pete freaking sake. While I watched Mary Tyler Moore frequently--I LOVED Betty White's character, as well as Ted Knight's character--I often found myself more annoyed with Mary Richards than anything. She was boring, she was wishy washy and I'm thinking
she was more than just a 'gal pal' to Rhoda.
(wink wink)
If we're naming TV characters as 'role models', I think Julia was more of
a role model to single, working women, as well as Marlo Thomas' That Girl
character. Hell, that chick deserved a medal. She managed to please
not only her bf, but her father as well! Good luck there.
Funny little tidbit, I read in a book written by one of her former
employees, that Marlo Thomas has one of the foulest mouths around. LOL!
I think that's hilarious because she always acts so sickeningly sweet.

I got to see only a few minutes of "Super Troopers" on Sunday.
Stacey recommended it when way back when I had
NetFlix. I have to admit, I thought the dude that played Farver(Farva?)
was kinda cute and looked like a state trooper.
I see that it runs a lot on Comedy Central, I'll have to
see the entire movie next time.
I just found out that the Hallmark Channel ran my FAVORITE
CHRISTMAS MOVIE, Season For Miracles, in the last few
weeks, and I missed it!! Boo. Hiss.

We went to the hospital to visit Mr. G's mother the other day,
and they put her breakfast tray on her cart then very nicely left the
cart about three feet away from the bed. Oy.
By the time we got there and fixed the tray for her, the meal was cold.
And this isn't the first time we've run into this.
When Mr. G's dad was in the home, he went to visit one Sunday, and
there was a woman close by who was trying to feed herself,
but every time she'd put the spoon to her mouth, her arm would turn to the
side, and she wouldn't get any of the food. Mr. G said there was an
attendant standing there with his arms folded watching
everyone and not bothering to help. It's really upsetting to see those sorts of things
because you know your relative has probably been (or will be) in the same
position at some point and at the mercy of an attendant who doesn't give a shit.

"Screw you guys! I'm going home!"


Dustin said...

Hey just got your comment on my blog about the job interview. Things are hard out here to say the least, I never did get called back about the KFC job even, and so far no one else seems to be hiring, I've put in close to 100 applications in the last month! Luckily hubby has a phone interview tonight...hoping...fingers crossed...yeah.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

"All In The Family"
Archie did at least one thing very well. He rubbed America's nose - in America!

SpongyBones said...

You all are OLD!

*Goddess* said...

Yes, we're probably all old enough to be your parents:)

~Fathairybastard~ said...

I'll never forget watchin' Archie and hearin' him flush the john off camera. Hilarious. Did get very tedious some times, but was telling how, with all the liberal crud from the Meathead and daughter, Archie was the popular one. Cool how he changed with time, as we all do I guess. Nothing like that on TV now, that isn't animated.