Friday, September 28, 2007

we're off to see the wizard

It's Friday and I am SLEEPING IN!!! I already told Holly to jump up on the bed after Mr. G leaves for work and hunker down next to me. We're not leaving that bed till they bomb us out. It's been a loooong week. I miss my seven days off every other week, but I'm grateful to have a job so I'll take what I can get.

I'd love to know who the guy is that narrates "Forensic Files" on Court TV. He's got perfect voice for the show. He knows exactly when to add some inflection. "....did she run away or was she murdered?" If I turn the tv on in the middle of an episode, the minute I hear his voice, I know exactly what show I'm watching.

I did not realize until last night that my Blogger profile showed me as living in Afghanistan! LOL!! Now I'm wondering how long it's been like that. It also said I was an accountant. Accountant? I can't even balance my doggone checkbook.

And now because I know you can't stand the suspense a moment longer, I received two automatic reply emails from the Hairy Husky Bears saying the mods were in Iraq. Oh, yeah, fighting in Iraq NEXT TO FEMALES!! Females that aren't allowed in their stupid little club. That's it. I'm taking my toys and going home.

I was watching some of Michael Moore on Oprah yesterday. Frightening, frightening stuff. She was talking about people WITH health insurance who are having coverage problems. One man needed bone marrow treatments and his insurance company said they would pay up to the $150k limit on his policy and the hospital told him they couldn't go forward until he came up with the rest of the money, which was something like an additional $200k. He has since gone blind in one eye, and is still trying to raise the funds. He's only 25 years old. Another insured woman who is on a breathing machine most of her day because of scleroderma needs a stem cell transplant and her insurance refused her because they consider it "experimental" even though they've been doing them for 7 years now. They need $160k.
Princeton University professor Uwe Reinhardt, one of the nation's leading authorities on health care economics, said it would cost about a hundred billion, the equivalent of 9 months in Iraq to get a system of health care coverage for every one in the country up and running, and we've been there 5 years. Please, President Bush, please keep pumping those funds in to Iraq so we can make it better and stronger, because we certainly don't need the money here. Sad irony? Moore said the people serving in the military are the very people who need good health care but often don't have access to it.
Professor Reinhardt went on to say that the American people need to decide whether health care should be like public education--something every American has a right to--or whether it should be a luxury, available to those with money. I think it's really hard for the American people to DO anything when we have a President who is sending all our monies overseas. For instance, the Congress wants to extend and expand CHIP, and Bush says he'll veto it. He said it would send more families into government insurance and away from employer offered coverage. What happens when the government program for free is better than the one you're paying for? And what happens when you're spending more on gas and food and can't afford to pay for coverage for your children, despite the fact that you're working?

I saw a man on "Inside American Jail" Thursday night who was homeless and had skin cancer on his face. Of course he had no coverage and he had been wandering around Vegas, getting arrested time and time again so he had a place to stay. He had been arrested over 120 times. It's pathetic that a person has to get himself arrested to have a roof over his head in the United States, and that's ignoring the fact that the man has to walk around with skin cancer because he can't afford health care. It makes me queasy watching these sorts of shows. There but for the grace of God go I, I guess. Michael Moore said over 50% of the bankruptcies in this country occur because of medical bills. To know that one illness could cause you to lose everything is one hell of a scary thought. Oprah hit the nail on the head when she said that you're the most vulnerable when you're sick and to have to worry about coverage at a time like that is awful. It's downright demeaning, as well.


BBC said...

You know what? In another year you will be as bat shit crazy as I am.

Get in, sit down, buckle up, hang on, and shut the fuck up while we speed through the cosmos. LOL

BBC said...

"Michael Moore said over 50% of the bankruptcies in this country occur because of medical bills. To know that one illness could cause you to lose everything is one hell of a scary thought."

What is interesting to me is that they also fix and keep people alive that don't even deserve to keep living.

I don't know how much you know about that but I get around a lot and I see a lot of it.

We keep a lot of worthless people alive, and we support them while they go screw off and enjoy their lives. I'm not talking about the truly disabled, I'm talking about people that are just users.

Dustin said...

Insurance in this country is very fucked up. husband works for a smaller country, and in order to keep our 4 kids insured plus him and myself, it costs us almost $2,000 a month! This makes it so we can go to the doctors and pay our $25 co-pay, $100 for ER visit, and $75 for urgent care. Our dental on this plan is horrid though, only covers cleanings and thats it. Vision, worthless as well, they pay you back for your glasses, and only like 85%. If he looses his job, I have no idea how we will afford to take the kids to the doctors if one of them is sick....luckily our doctor knows us (same one for 5years), and has waived the fees for visits for us before simply because we couldnt afford them, or for my stepson for a check up because he wasnt on our insurance yet.

Dustin said...

Thats supposed to be smaller company...

*Goddess* said...

Holy shit, Dustin, at that rate, it would take more than we bring in for a month to pay for insurance. That's insane, and clearly it's not even the best plan. Damn.

*Goddess* said...

Billy, if I have to shut up, the deal's off;)

Lin said...

I guess sometimes you just have to take your chances. We got shafted by our previous insurer (15 years with no claims) AFTER we moved here, they say that they don't insure in New Mexico. ??!! We're not exactly talking about Afghanistan here, are we? What kind of podunk outfit was that? I doubt either of us could pass a medical now and we sure can't afford to sign up with a new one. But forcing people to buy health insurance as it stands ain't the solution either - then we're just covered to go to the docs when we're finally dying of starvation. I dunno, this is a real tough one.