Friday, September 14, 2007

wake up, maggie, i think i got something to say to you

When I got home from work Thursday night, I wanted to do what every woman wants to do after a hard day's work: curl up with my husband and watch a good porno gangbang.
Richard Freeman sent us a DVD from Jules Jordan that looked very promising. It was Feeding Frenzy 8, meaning somewhere along the line there were seven other DVD's Richard has not sent me. Hmm, I wonder what that's all about? We sat down around the old laptop, slapped in the vid and PRESTO! Not a damn thing happened. I cleaned it and tried again. Ten tries later I decided to shift to the desktop. BTW, I think Bruno & Mushy were right: the my problem is not with my
monitor because the DVD played in the desktop. We don't have much patience for "film making" when it comes to porn, though. So don't waste our time with fifteen minutes of the chick admiring her own ass in shorts in the mirror. It was funny though, cuz my husband was like, "damn, nobody's cum yet." LOL! As if that wasn't obvious to me, too. All in all, the movie was "inspiring" and "a rousing" success. Thanks, Richard!!

I stopped at McDonald's on the way home this evening because they had a bunch
of BOGO coupons in the paper this past weekend, and with the porno and sex, no way was I the kitchen. I told the guy at the drive thru what I wanted to buy and I said, "I have coupons." He said, "Oh, we can only accept one coupon per visit."
Forgetting that he could hear me, I said, "Oh suck it" under my breath, but loud enough to be understood. It wasn't until I pulled around to the window and he was falling all over himself to apologize that I realized he'd heard. I said, "I know it's not your fault, but it's ridiculous for them to expect us to make a trip for every one of these coupons. I'm not doing it, and
when I fill in their survey, they're going to hear about it.
I stop here for the convenience and it's NOT convenient if I have to make several trips."
And another thing, the doggone food was cold. Ya come home after a long day of work, watch porn, have wild monkey sex only to find out that your sammich has gone cold in the meantime. Sigh.

I saw a Christian on tv complaining about Kathy Griffin's "suck it, Jesus," comment and asking why the Christians don't seem to be outraged by her comments.
I think the reason for that is because anyone who is even vaguely familiar with Kathy knows that she will say and do anything to get attention. People like that seem to drive away the very attention they seek. I've always liked Kathy, but there comes a time when attention getters become more pathetic than funny, and she's quickly reaching that point in my mind.
Maybe it's because I'm seeing so much of her lately due to her Bravo show. Over exposure.
I consider myself to be a Christian and I thought nothing of her comment, because I never take anything she says seriously for the aforementioned reason. I find Kathy's comment rather ironic, though, because I know that if a fellow actor made a disparaging comment about "her gays", Kathy would be livid. I'm still glad she won the Emmy though. That doggone Dog Whisperer sure as hell didn't deserve it...

I heard a few minutes of Matt Lauer in Tehran this morning. He said that the men there are permitted to have four wives, but alcohol is forbidden.
Well, good luck dealing with FOUR women in the same house without alcohol to dull your senses.
I have a distinct dislike of the Arab culture, and I find it hard to get passed that when they treat women like second class citizens.
This is a bitch I have about romance novels with Arab heroes.
They ALL do that "oh, women are second class citizens in THAT Arab country, but NEVER in mine" sort of bullshit. Matt said that when he got off of the airplane there were two exits: one for men and one for women. That just annoys the piss out of me. If it wasn't for women giving birth, those assholes wouldn't even have their precious sons or their precious power.
And yet, instead of treating women like queens, they're treated like garbage.
They have to be covered from head to toe in public, yet the men are allowed to wear short sleeves and go without covering their heads. Grrrrrr....

According to a Scarborough poll, Pittsburgh has the largest base of female football fans.
34% of Steeler fans are female. Go Stillers!!

What do you think the number one name for female dogs is?
Answer tomorrow.

Wow. The whole Mary Winkler thing gets more interesting the more I read. This morning I read that when Mary picked up the gun she didn't think for one minute that it was loaded. So let's recap: she was so terrifed of her husband that she picked up a gun that wasn't loaded. What was she going to do? Smack him over the head with it? Uh huh. Right.
As far as the sex goes, I heard this morning that she NEVER told him she felt humiliated by it.
How the HELL is a man supposed to know you don't like what's happening in the bedroom unless you tell him? I guess Mary's method of problem solving is: suck it up, suck it up, suck it up, murder your husband. I really feel she got away with murder.


~Fathairybastard~ said...

Yep, very tired of her too. Overexposure. And there will always be someone who will be offended. There is an industry in being offended these days.

BBC said...

"When I got home from work Thursday night, I wanted to do what every woman wants to do after a hard day's work: curl up with my husband and watch a good porno gangbang."

Umm, okay. :-)

This was a pretty funny and interesting post. But who in the fuck is Kathy Griffin?

Umm, am I allowed to say 'fuck' here? Or can I only say fuck on my blog?

I'm not real clear on the fucking rules here. :-)

*Goddess* said...

Oh, fuck that, Billy!

SpongyBones said...

arabs, feeding frenzy 8, jules jordan, kathy griffin, mcdonalds sucks, tehran

I laugh so friggen hard at your post then love reading the labels and know that I'm going to be peeing all over myself when I get to them!

But you left out jesus on this one ...

have a great weekend and clean that DVD player after you are done!

The Future Was Yesterday said...

"Well, good luck dealing with FOUR women in the same house without alcohol to dull your senses."
ROTFLMAO!! Noooo shit!:) I have to leave the house at times for a while when one gets in a certain condition, so that neither of us says something cruel and stupid. Four? AT ONE TIME???? I'll take the doghouse and be damn grateful for it!

That other shotgun toting gal....sure as hell makes me grateful for what I've got. She's not perfect....but she doesn't star in any loonie tunes, either!