Tuesday, September 18, 2007

tuesday night roundup

I wish I was an artist so I could paint the moon tonight. It was the perfect Halloween moon. The moon was in the first quarter and bright orange. The sky was dark blue behind it and there was an orange haze
surrounding the moon. Words don't do it justice. It was gorgeous.

We need to get our garage door repaired and I was calling around today TRYING to
get some guesstimate as to how much it will cost us for the extension springs and labor. I called one lady and asked how much they charged for the service call and she said, "We don't charge for the service call.
We charge by 15 minute increments. If we were there for an hour and fifteen minutes it would be $82."
They expect me to do the math? Fuck that.
I said, "How much do you charge per 15 minute increments?"
She said, "We charge $52 for the first 1/2 hour and the cost goes up for every fifteen minutes after that."
Geez, what am I? Psychic? Goes up by how much? And why is it so difficult to find out what service calls cost anymore?

Now Merck is recommending teenage BOYS get the Gardasil vaccination for cervical cancer saying that they could get throat cancer if they have oral sex with a girl who has HPV. What's next? Giving it to men and women who want to have kids so they don't give birth to boys and girls who are at risk of getting HPV when they grow up?
Makes about as much sense since girls can have HPV that never turns to cancer.

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BRUNO said...

Yeah, sometimes it pays to be OLD!!!

Man, I'd NEVER survive todays' world as a KID again.....!