Saturday, September 15, 2007

sun shining bright above me

This is an interesting development. I was reading a website I peruse daily and
this headline caught my eye: "Vigilantes Kill TN Pornographer's Wife."
This "pornographer" was actually a man who was charged with having child porn.
Since when are the words "pornography" and "child pornography"
used interchangeably? There's a HUGE difference.

I had a hideous night last night. I stayed overnight at a friend's house, and I woke up around 2 a.m. to miserable stomach pains. I had a hamburger around 8ish and apparently my stomach wasn't too thrilled about that. (It still isn't.) This friend lives near a business and their compressors kept releasing air (or whatever the hell they're doing) about every 15 minutes. So it was like a loud "pppsssssshitttt" sound. 'Bout drove me nuts. Then some sort of machine started running around 3:30 and it ran for at least a half hour. It sounded like one of those air compressors that they have at the convenience store to fill your tires with air. By the time the compressors went off at 5 a.m., I was wide awake. UGH. How in the WORLD this business ever got approval to build smack dab in the middle of a residential area is beyond me. I live out in the boonies, in a QUIET neighborhood. I don't know how people can stand this sort of thing on a daily/nightly basis, but I guess they get used to it. Case in point, when I mentioned the noise to my gf, she said she never heard it. Sigh.

My boss was watching Entertainment Tonight last night and there was a story on Howard K. Stern. He was talking about how much he missed Anna and Daniel. I hate to be the cynical bitch in the group--too late--but I find it hard to work up sympathy for this guy. He sold every damn bit of tape on Anna and himself that he
could even though it often made her look foolish, and he used that baby to continue garnering attention for himself after Anna's death. Now he's using his grief for attention. Speaking of using the baby, that Birkhead asshole really needs to get a damn life. The ET commercials run during the noon news and he is on almost every freaking day. I feel for that child because you can see from his
actions that he will use her and her name for his own personal gain for the rest of his life.

I was reading an article about a man from West Virginia who won $315 million in the Powerball five years ago. In the article, he blames every problem he ever had on this lottery money, even though he was very wealthy to begin with. He says that his life turned into a nightmare when his wife left him, his
granddaughter died and people were constantly hounding him for money. I read this article because I am always
surprised at how the press goes after these hard luck lottery stories. When was the last time you read a story about
someone who won a huge lottery and was able to spend the rest of their lives doing good for others and
for themselves? Yeah, me neither. And yet I'm willing to bet there are some out there. Another reason the story interested me is
because I mentioned winning the lottery once to my mother and she immediately said, "Your life would be ruined!"
Where do these ridiculous attitudes towards wealth come from?
For every down on their luck lottery winner, there are successful RICH, HAPPY people on this planet.
It's like the media thrives on saying "See? All that money is EVIL!! Oh, yeah, and the Powerball jackpot is up to $40 million so make sure ya buy a ticket."
But I read through the story and this is what I discovered: the man admitted to SEVERAL "indiscretions" aka affairs which were made public,
being a drunk and having gambling problems. He had two DUI's. He went to a strip club with more than
a half million dollars in his vehicle and was shocked when someone stole it. Who the HELL walks around
with that kind of money on them?! On his worst day of boozing, he drank a fifth of vodka.
Yes, CLEARLY the lottery money was the root of all his evils. As for the sex, a private affair is one
thing for a wife to deal with, but when you're such a horndog the whole city is finding
out about your bidness, then that's more than a tad difficult for a woman to deal with because now you've made a public fool out of her as well.
I think the money provided his wife with a GREAT opportunity to get out and find herself a good man.
God forbid this guy should take a little personal responsiblity for his actions.
Then he said his granddaughter died because of a drug problem. He blames the money for her death because
he said she received kidnapping threats, so she had to be home schooled and that led her to run around
with an older, problematic crowd. I'm not real clear on how one plus one equals an Ocycontin habit, but it's what he said.
If you're filthy rich and you're receiving kidnapping threats, you get yourself a body guard or two, you don't take up drugs.
OR you take several classes in self defense from a private instructor which you can afford because of said filthy richness.
The piece mentions that the family has NEVER wanted for anything, even before he won the lottery.
His 17 yr old granddaughter had SEVERAL cars and every season she got a new wardrobe.
Hmmm, might the constant ass kissing and his apparent lack of the ability to say "NO" have led to her drug problems?

Wow. I have never seen so many unruly offspring in one place in my entire life. I actually thought I was in for a mutiny in the trailer yesterday. Male Offspring #5--the Jebus lover--told his siblings that he was going to use his birthday money and buy them presents. Imagine their surprise when he handed them all rosaries, holy cards AND a biography of a saint. Then he said, 'The wonderful thing is I bought each of you a different saint's biography so you can read each other's books." One offspring even suggested they round up all his religious action figures and burn 'em, along with his talking Jesus doll. When I heard this, I was pissed. I'm like, 'HEY! I paid a lot of money for that garbage! Don't you DARE burn any of it or you'll answer to me! But if you do burn it, make sure you grab that St. Peter doll. His self-righteousness is getting on my last nerve..."

#1 female dog name? Maggie

Ok, I'm going back to bed to get some REAL sleep.....


Anonymous said...

In the car the other morning we're driving our usual route when I noticed traffic was heavier than normal. Joe said that's because the main road in town was probably blocked due to the accident or fire or whatever it was that sent the fire trucks and ambulances wailing down the road outside of out apartment in the middle of the night.

Joe: The emergency vehicles woke me up from a dead sleep. That's why my eyes are so puffy this morning.
Me: What emergency vehicles?
Joe: Yeah, I kinda figured you would have slept through them. The noise was louder than when you lived across from the subway.

When I lived across from the subway in Toronto, the trolley cars went around the corner where my apartment was situated at all hours of the night, scraping the metal wheels along the metal rails causing all kinds of untold hearing damage to those out on the street in the car as it took any corner in the city. Joe couldn't sleep over. It was too loud for him and I would always say in the mornings, "What noise?" And I was being sincere. I didn't hear it. I'm like My Cousin Vinny where he can only get a solid 8 hours inside a prison as the prisoners are rioting. Hee.


*Goddess* said...

I sleep fairly well in my own home, but not in someone else's home. Then I hear every little unfamiliar noise and assume someone is breaking in to kill me.

No WAY could I sleep through trolley cars!

You sound like Female Offspring #1, though. She could sleep though a bomb going off outside her window.

Anonymous said...

Heh. I have been known to sleep through earthquakes and loudy thunder storms that woke Joe up so he could power down our computers and shut all the windows, even the one that squeaks loudly when you try to open or shut it.


The Future Was Yesterday said...

"I was reading an article about a man from West Virginia who won $315 million in the Powerball five years ago. In the article, he blames every problem he ever had on this lottery money"
I happened to catch the actual lottery presentation of that money. He had his entire family there, a good thirty people. This part was interesting. When asked what was he going to do with his money, he very sanctimoniously said; "The very first thing is give 10% to my church for the Lord's work." I turned to my wife right then and said "He's gonna be in trouble in less than a year." For reason's I don't understand, Jesus Freaks absolutely can NOT accept personal responsibility for their actions, feel they are/should be above rules that guide everybody else, and if there's anything even remotely close that can be's coated with it. Apparently that windfall made him think he was now above all cause and effect "laws" that have been in place since time began.:)

*Goddess* said...

Since when does the church do the Lord's work? ;)

I think a lot of folks believe that 10% tithe will guarantee their happiness. All the tithing in the world isn't going to overcome piss poor judgment.

Anonymous said...

I believe the jeebus freaks think they are above the law because they feel this life a right and just life simply by being a lemming who goes to church, church bake sales, and reads select passages from the bible. They don't think they need to do more than that and that rules and laws are soley for the heathens like me - you know, to keep my pagen heathen ass in line with their gawd's wishes. *rolls eyes* Whatever, dude. Whatever.