Sunday, September 30, 2007

ride, ride, ride, let it ride

OMG!! I can't wait to start slapping up October clip art tomorrow!!

The garage repair dude was here yesterday for a grand total of 15 minutes replacing the extension springs on my door.

I know they charge for the first half hour--$58 then $25 for every fifteen minutes--regardless of how long they work,
but he hands me the bill and says, "You'll be charged for 45 minutes worth of work."
I said, "Why? You only worked for 15 minutes. I understand being charged for the first half hour, but why the extra 15 minutes?"
He said, "Because you're charged from when I leave my last job."
I'm like, "WHAT?!"
He said, "The minute I leave my last job I start charging you for your job. It took me a half hour to get here. Add to that your 15 minutes and that's where we get 45 minutes."
I said, " First of all, why should I pay $58 for your drive time? You're not here working. Secondly, how do I know how long it's taken you to get here?"
He shows me this paper and says, "That's how long it took."
Aaaah, so if it's on the paper, it MUST be true!
I said, "And I'm supposed to just take your word for that?"
Long story short, I called the office and bitched, and the guy said, "Oh, maybe he thinks he's supposed to start charging the minute he leaves his last job."
Gee, where would he get an idea like that?
I said, "Oh, is this his first day?" No, I didn't bother to reign in the sarcasm. And I only have to pay for the first half hour. My guess is
they try it with every customer and if you don't say anything, they pad their pockets for doing nothing. After the guy was finished with our work, he stood around gabbing
with our neighbor who is interested in the same sport he is. I guess the next poor sap will have to pay for that.

Fun times ahead for Mr. G and his sister. They moved his mother to a rehab center to build up her strength for 20 days and hopefully, she'll be strong enough to come back home. Personally, I don't think she WANTS to come back home. It's like Mr. G said, she CHOSE to isolate herself at home, not wanting the Meals on Wheels people to come around or the people who could clean and help bathe her, and now she's lonely and enjoying the attendants fussing over her. Mr. G had been going to the hospital quite frequently, and the one night he stayed home, his sister arranged to have their mother moved to this rehab center 30 miles away. He is livid. There was a rehab available right across the street from the hospital and one a few streets above the hospital and that would have only been a 14 mile trip. She's been trying to get his mother into this rehab from day one. Personally I think she has a bf on the side, and this will give her a convenient reason to be away from home and in that town all the time. Also, conveniently it's only about a ten mile trip for her when she's coming home from work. In all of this, she's talking about having her mother stay permanently at the home right next to the rehab. Talk about deaf with a one track mind. But Mr. G isn't having it.
I'm actually glad I'm working this weekend with all the phone arguments they've been having. I said, "Your mother is only there for 20 days and you can call, despite the fact that it's long distance, so why are you really so angry about all of this?"
He said, "I'm angry because I can't trust my own sister not to go behind my back and pull shit like this when I'm not around."
Truth is it's always been this way which is why we've had very little contact over the years except for deaths in the family.

Some thoughts occurred to me as I watched the COPS 20th season special. As far as hott cop screen caps goes, sorry, ladies, but it was a piss poor episode for the officers. In some segments, we didn’t even see the cops, we just heard their voices. I was rather disappointed in the whole episode.
I am SHOCKED at how many episodes I’ve seen, and how many cops I recognize by sight. The food fight episode makes me LMAO every time I see that guy peering around the door with the flour and eggs all over his face. The officer’s line about them "going through the entire condiment section" is hilarious. The segment where the cop says, "We’re 61 with the naked guy," and you hear the dispatcher repeating, "61 with the naked guy" is a hoot.
In all the 20 years, there is only one cop I can’t stand. I can’t stand him to the point that I turn off the tv when his segments come on, and I don’t even know why. It’s terrible to instantly judge like that. I need a good spanking. But not by him. I don’t like him. And no, I won’t say his name, but he’s from Des Moines.
See if you can guess;)
None of the "Fan Favorites" were my favorites, and awwww, I didn’t see the segment Officer Pilutik asked us to vote for. Damn. He didn’t make it. But a car going around in a circle with no driver was a fan favorite? Yeah, real interesting.
And Jerry Dalton should STOP wearing shorts. His legs are too skinny. There I said it.


BRUNO said...

Hard to believe any reputable business would try that on a service call! Hell, every licensed service around here---whether it be for on-farm equipment, or for an in-house central air/heat system---carries one of those little "black-boxes" with him, or her, similar to the ones UPS, Fed-Ex, etc., have strapped on themselves. When they arrive, and confirm the address---they enter the info, and the clock starts tickin'. When they're done---same proceedure, and the clock STAMPS it on the work order as DONE. And only THEN, the service-person can engage in a little local bull-shit session---at THEIR expense, and time, literally!!!!

WHEW!!! Now I need a drink! Diet Coke, mind you---too early for the "alternative-beverage"!

Anonymous said...

"I don't sell drugs, I'm a prostitute", made me laugh for the second time.

I applauded the one-legged cop. I missed that original episode.

Lin said...

Good for you Goddess in getting them to back off on the drive time charges!!! We gotten screwed so many times by plumbers and other workmen in the past.

*Goddess* said...

What really makes me laugh, Chewy, is the fact that she keeps saying, "Don't disrespect my child. That's my child." Then right in front of him she says she's a prostitute....oy. That ep never fails to make me roll my eyes.

*Goddess* said...

I get so tired of people passing on their costs to the consumers, Lin. Now days it seems we're more suckers than customers.

BBC said...

It sure is getting expensive to have things fixed these days. I'm glad that I can fix most things myself.

Gotta do it before I start drinking beer though. LOL