Thursday, September 13, 2007

might as well face it you're addicted to love

I was watching Mary Winkler's interview with Oprah Wednesday afternoon. Mary is the Tennessee woman who shot and killed her preacher husband, then went on the run with her kids.
She said he was verbally abusive and wanted her to do things sexually that she found to be humiliating, and that he often flew into rages.
Mary really had to think about all of her answers, and I was surprised by her total lack of emotion. For instance, Oprah asked her about some of the things that made her husband rage. She gave that a lot of consideration, and she still couldn't come up with believable answers. If this was a daily occurrence the way she claimed it was, I would think she'd know what set him off. If I was so enraged that I shot my own husband, I would think I'd be pretty clear on WHY.
She said he asked her to dress in sexy outfits and he wanted her to have anal sex. Ok, I don't get what's so damn upsetting about your husband wanting you to dress sexy and act out scenarios in the bedroom. It's YOUR bedroom. It's not out on the front lawn having sex in front of the neighbors. And he is asking YOU to spice up your sex life. He isn't out having affairs. Granted, the anal sex isn't cool if you've made it clear you don't want to do it. Unless I misunderstood, she didn't seem to say
he forced her to have the sex, so much as he WANTED her to. I missed a little bit of that part of the show, so I'm not sure if she clarified that.
When she shot him, Mary said she came into the bedroom with a shotgun and
she just wanted to talk to him but the next thing she knew, she heard the gun going off. And yet, the phone was unplugged so no one could call 911. That doesn't indicate spontaneity. That indicates forethought.
When Oprah ask Mary what she wanted to tell her husband she said she wanted to tell him to "relax and enjoy life." You want to tell your spouse to relax and enjoy life, but you shoot him and leave him to die instead? There's a head scratcher for ya. It was so matter of fact. She never shed tears, she never showed remorse. She was very detached and she could have been giving us the weather report instead of relaying the facts of her husband's death. I saw a woman on Oprah not that long ago who had been physically and verbally abused, and she was crying the entire time she talked to Oprah, even though it had ended months prior with her husband being arrested. More often than not, abused women CRY when they talk about what they've gone through. The fact that you were pushed far enough to kill your children's father, well, you'd think you'd have SOME emotional response to that. Mary's attorneys think her kids need her and she needs them, and that they should be together. She hasn't seen then in over a year. But I agree with the woman from Court TV who said that Mary had chosen to deal with her problems with violence and while her kids might benefit from spending some time with her, she didn't think Mary deserved full custody at this point in time. Oprah also showed court room testimony from the late preacher's mother in which she said, "You have never apologized to the children for killing their father. They deserve that much." She never apologized on Oprah either, or even intimated that she was sorry for what she had done. The whole interview was bizarre.

Stephen Colbert was discussing the Senator Craig sex sting and how everyone wanted to land an interview with the police Sgt. who arrested him.
Here's some of the really funny conversation:
Stephen: "Karnia is the one interview everyone in news wants, but no one can land. Well, tonight, I have what we call in the biz a "get". A Colbert Report
exclusive interview......Sgt. David Karsnia ......would not return my calls. But we have someone right here on the staff
of the show who has intimate knowledge of the Sergeant.
Please welcome Colbert Report executive assistant Katie Bruggeman."
"How do you know Sgt. Karsnia?"
Katie: "He is my ex-boyfriend."
Stephen: "When was this?"
Katie: "Pre-school."
Stephen: "Were there any signs even back then of a talent for operating a sex sting?"
Katie: "Well, he did kiss me in the toy box once."
Stephen: "The toy box? Is that code for bathroom stall?"
Katie: "No it was an actual toy box."
Stephen: "You got caught? Were you then forced to resign from preschool?"
Katie: "No, but Miss Star said we couldn't go to circus day."
Stephen: "Do you think, and have you ever thought, that Miss Star
planted David Karsnia in the toy box to try and trap boy kissers like you? If Karsnia were here now, what would you say to him?"
Katie: "Um, I guess I'd say, 'Hi Dave. Say 'hi' to your mom and dad for me and don't talk to the press for any reason."
What's really funny is that as she's saying this last bit, the caption at
the bottom of the screen says, "Former Crush Still Carries Torch."

I have to laugh when I hear guys on tv talking about how their woman is always planning their
weekend for them. I'm always telling my husband to just relax and take it easy, and stop doing so much work on his day off.
Hmm, obviously one of us is doing this all wrong.


The Future Was Yesterday said...

Re Tennessee Gal:
The part of Tennessee she's from, is a hot bed (pun not intended) of Fundamental Extremism. As one who was raised in that for 18 years, she has Fundamentalist written all over her.

To them (the Fundamentalists), even "playing" in the privacy of your own bedroom is a "sin." Sex is not supposed to be just for enjoyment. It is for reproduction. If "you really must have it", then "I'll lay here with my legs spread." That's supposed to be enough. Their whole outlook on "sex" and "private parts" is beyond crazy. Even voluntarily thinking "of such a thing" is considered a sin! This is one reason why you read of so many Republicans being caught in the craziest sex scams imaginable. Sexual repression, combined with guilt for "even thinking of such a thing", eventually overwhelms them, and they crack. Add to that, the fact they are forever hearing God "telling them to do things." Not a good psychological profile, that group!!

*Goddess* said...

The strange thing is that I read she never told him AT THE TIME that she didn't like it. How can a man know he's "forcing" you to do something, if you keep your mouth shut? The more I read about her, the more I feel like Mary Winkler got away with murder.

Anonymous said...

Mary Winkler, IMO, did in fact get away with murder. Why she wanted him dead is less obvious to me. If she didn't want it, she should have said no. Otherwise she's helping him rape her according to the law. If don't speak up, things will never change. So, she so brainwashed that she couldn't assert herself verbally but could lift a rifle and shot the fucker in the back? Is that what I'm to accept?! Please!

And Joe cannot relax for more than two hours of sloth on our only day off. Two hours after we wake up, he will turn to me and say, "What do we have to do today? Do we need groceries? What do you mean 'nothing'?"

I was asking his cousin yesterday about this and according to him, Joe and his closest cousin (Darryl's sister) are indentical in this respect. They simply don't know how to relax outside of a two hour nap or playing online for an hour or two. Once boredom kicks in, they start bugging others around them for things to do. Yet, I can't seem to get him to wash our floors or our bathroom during this times. I can only get him to do the dishes and do a load of laundry here and there. Feh.