Tuesday, September 25, 2007

the he man woman haters club

It ain't fair, I tells ya!!! There's a Yahoo group called Hairy Husky Bears that I wanted to join and these are some of the rules:

You (MUST) Put Your Age & Gender In Your Yahoo Profile.
This Is A MALE (MEN) Only Group.
HHB Rules Are: NO SPAM.
No Trashing/Bashing No Kids Pictures.
No Women Crap. No Women Allowed

NO WOMEN CRAP?! NO WOMEN ALLOWED?! Where are we? Some Arab state?!
Too bad these close minded MEN don't realize that there are WOMEN who like to look at the same sorts of pictures they're posting and I should know since they linked to one of MY sites! They should also know that we DON'T all post cutesy forwards about friendship and Jesus. And yet, *I* can't join. I felt obligated to email.

I wrote:
So I'm looking for groups to join and I came across your group on Yahoo. I'm a member of *******, and I thought your group looked promising.
When I tried to sign up, I came across this:

No Women Crap. No Women Allowed

You do realize that there are lots of women who enjoy gay vids and looking at the same types of pictures you guys do, right? And we don't all post "women crap" like cutesy forwards. Some of us just like to look at the pics.


BTW, when I said, "promising," I meant "a site that would give me more pics to jill to." Don't worry, I'll tell you if they respond because I know the majority of you will not be able to sleep not knowing;)


SpongyBones said...

Oh how I started to send you a letter ... but it was just to pornographic for me to even write!

Tell you want use my name and password they will let you in! I'm not hairy but I could glue some stuff on and appear to be!

*Goddess* said...


Why did I just know that someone on my list would be a member;)

Anonymous said...

I know I'll always have a good laugh when I visit here!

Anonymous said...

Oops! I hit return before I finished.

"jill to"? You have a um.. rich vocabulary. Learn something new everyday.

*Goddess* said...

I'm not "jacking", Chewy, so I must be "jillin'":)

~Fathairybastard~ said...

I swear to God, I've never been a member! Does sound like the male version of the Angela Dworkin, "I'm never gonna get any, therefore all sex is rape" school of feminism. What can you do? People are silly.