Sunday, September 16, 2007

goddessville reader, COME ON DOWN!!

I was watching The Soup and they showed a clip of porn chick Tabitha Stevens and her parents on Dr. 90210. (Hell, the porn chicks probably account for a large part of his business.)She was acting all goofy dancing for her mother and dad, then she lifted up her shirt and flashed them. That's just creepy. I mean, how damn desperate for attention do ya have to be to flash your own parents?

I guess they're taping the new season of The Price is Right several weeks in advance. They interviewed Drew Carey on the set on ET Friday and I caught some of it.
He said the most bizarre thing that's happened so far is some chick peed her pants
onstage....yikes. That IS bizarre. At least, I hope she won her game.


H2o said...

I guess she should have won a box of depends.

*Goddess* said...

LOL..never thought of that.

Or at least one of those mops to wipe up the floor;)

Jay said...

They usually tape weeks in advance.

In fact, they usually tape the September/October episodes in June. IOW, they tape the season finale, then (either the next day or next week) they'll tape the season premiere.

The first few weeks of episodes have a LOOOONG lead time. As they get closer to the end of the season, the lag time shortens drastically. IIRC, one year had a lead time of 2 days between taping and airing at the end of the season.

Kate said...

guess it must just be us that don't want our dads looking at our boobs. soooo creepy...