Sunday, September 09, 2007

everybody's got a drug dealer on speed dial

Jeff Paul sure is a master internet marketer, isn't he? His latest infomercial features two chicks with huge boobs squished into small bras discussing how great Jeff's system is. Jeff doesn't even make the mistake of mucking up the informerical with unattractive men or himself. Just two booby chicks doing a lot of gushing and leaning towards the camera. While I'd like to explain how Jeff's system works, I was so mesmerized by the four boobs that I don't even know what they were selling. Jeff gets an "A" for marketing and the chicks get "D's" for posture. More like DD's....

Gawd, my husband never ceases to amaze me. The monitor on our desktop went and we need a new one. The picture shrunk to the middle of the screen and it's about 1/3 the size it should be. (And I only have about a 13 or 14 inch monitor.)
I tried the whole 'unplugging/replugging/asking Mike South wth was wrong' thing and he decided the monitor was probably shot. I told Mr. G that I'd buy a new one next week with the Labor Day overtime he had or with some of my pay so we wouldn't have to charge it. Last night he said, "Let's hold off on that new monitor. This one is fine."
I'm like, "HONEY! You can barely see the damn picture!"
Oy. I'm buying it because when he gets laid off (or whatever), he's going to want to look at the internet. And if I would have any problem with my laptop, no way in HELL am I going blind trying to work on that monitor. I'm going to have to get a wireless mouse for my laptop, too, so he can use it more easily. He's having problems negotiating the cursor with his finger, and I remember how hard that was for me to learn, too.

I loved The Soup making fun of Ocean Force: Panama City Beach.
The chick that ran up to the car during the traffic stop and sucked face?
Can you say "attention whore"?
They DID show an idiot yelling "Woooo! Spring Break 2007!"
Unfortunately, they didn't show my fav Officer Pettys.


BRUNO said...

I don't know which type monitor you currently have, but, if it's the older-type CRT display unit, for God's sakes, GO WITH THE LED FLAT-SCREENS! They're less than HALF the price of the CRT's, and weigh about 1/10th of the old one. And, when I had to replace mine, the LED-style SEEMED to "link-up" faster---maybe just because it was bigger, and I could SEE it!

Mine's a 17-inch diagonal, and I bought it two years ago for just a hair under $100.00---the "big-name" brands probably higher.

Just ONE word of caution: Be damned certain the problem IS your monitor---makes me suspicious! Generally, when monitors "poop-out", they just friggen' go OUT---PERIOD!

Let me know!

Lin said...

I'm with Bruno - go for a flat screen. You will suddenly find that you have all this desk space you didn't know you had, too.
You will be ready for Wally World's Reddi-Reader 200 glasses if you don't do SOMETHING soon - yeah, tell Mr. G. I said so, too!

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Definitely go flat. Uh, I mean flat screen.:)

Telemarketers: I watch very in a couple every decade or so, but every time I click by them, I always see boobs hanging out. The things people won't buy, if it's sold by a pair of tits!!

Understand of course, we had to fine CBS for a bare boob that flashed by in a millisecond! Nobody seemed to notice that commercials in that very super bowl was so full of boobs it looked like a plastic surgeons waiting room.....

SpongyBones said...

There is an epidemic here in KC I see moniters out on the side of the curb all the time!

~Fathairybastard~ said...

Yep, mines flat too. Love it. Takes up so much less room.

*Goddess* said...

"IF" it's an older type, Bruno?!! BWAHAHAHAHA! Hell, yeah, it's an older type. I bought the computer in '99 and it's the original monitor:)

If it's not the monitor, what do you think it could be?

And yeah, I definitely want to go flat screen. I think that damn thing is about 13 or 14 inches...LOL!

BRUNO said...

Well, if it ain't the monitor, it's time to toss the whole thing, it'd be cheaper that way. Might want to "borrow" one from somebody, and double-check, just to be safe.

I thought you'd bought a laptop earlier this year!(They don't last HALF as long!) Figured I was the only one who still used DESKTOP PC's!!!

BRUNO said...

An even WORSE piece of news is, it COULD be your power-supply, inside the modem. I lost one to a power surge once, and from then on, I swore by the BEST damned surge-protector I could afford!

I know that didn't help the ol' nerves much, but I'm just sayin', what if?

*Goddess* said...

I do have a lap top and I do have a surge protector on both the lt and the desktop. But my husband uses the desktop.