Wednesday, September 05, 2007

the afternoon edition

Remember when newspapers used to come in morning AND afternoon editions? Ahhh, the good OLD days.

So it's four o'clock in the afternoon and Mr. G is snoring his head off. Holly is snoring her head off and here I am snoring my--yeah, I wish. Seems like every time I try to nod off, Holly goes into one of her scratchfests and the doggone jingling of her tags keeps me awake. I need to invent rubber tag holders so they don't clack together all the time. Ones that will conform to the shape of the tag. I've seen plastic tag holders, but they never jive with the shape of the tags. They make tags that look like bones, ovals, squares and fire hydrants, and tag covers that are rectangular. Yeah, somebody put a lot of thought into that invention.

I had to sit around waiting for the appliance repair dude--yeah, I finally got around to calling. He installed--and I use that word lightly--a new gasket on my fridge door. In about three minutes, he yanked off the old one, snapped in a new one and used the hair dryer on a it a few seconds. $111.00. If that sucker ever breaks again, I'm ordering the part and putting it on myself. What happened to the days when gaskets had to be glued on? Now it just pushes into place.

Damn those folks at Amazon are smart. I ordered my 2008 Writer's Market/Writer's Market Companion and they asked me if I wanted to buy Amazon Prime, which would allow me to get the books in two days for free. I think it's like $79 a year, but the first month is free and you can cancel at any time. I declined because I've noticed that the books are usually shipped right away and I generally have them within three days anyway. Damned if they aren't sitting on those books. I ordered them Monday and they still haven't been sent out yet.

Because the three minute warning light on my laptop battery is flashing, I bid you adieu...

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