Wednesday, August 08, 2007

read this while humming the Star Spangled Banner, please

Hi, my name is Goddess and I am unAmerican.

I know this because, today, when I was in the grocery store shopping for overpriced crap to feed my family, I passed over Stephen Colbert's Americone Dream Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream for the ever popular Banana Split. I actually bordered on treasonous when I lovingly held Willie Nelson's Peach Cobbler, but I settled, people. I settled for the politically impartial Banana Split. But, I did HOLD Americone Dream for several seconds. That should count for something.

And may I just say that when you're lusting for a banana split and can't get to a Dairy Queen near you [or you don't have your teeth handy], nothing is better than eating all of the banana split ingredients pureed into ice cream.
Sign me,
UnAmerican in PA


SpongyBones said...

You should have bought Willies, could have helped an old hippie our with his tax debt ... now what kind of an American are you for Goddess SAKE!

*Goddess* said...

Taxes, my ass, SB. It would have all gone to his maryjuana habit.

BBC said...

Actually, I think that food in this country is pretty cheap. I can't make it as cheap as they sell it to me for.

I live in a state where most food hasn't got a sales tax on it. What ticks me off is that there is a sales tax on beer.

Hello fucking hello?... If I'm pouring it over my frigging Cheerios it's a frigging food item.

Even if all I have is a beer for lunch it's still a food item. Am I right or wrong?

BBC said...

Oh, and I made a nice berry cobbler the other day, it's going very nicely with the ice cream.

Life is uncertain, eat dessert first. Hell, eat it for the main course, that is what I do. :-)

*Goddess* said...

Aren't necessities tax free, Billy? ;)