Friday, August 17, 2007

my head is a box filled with nothing and that's the way I like it

I am in an eggcellent mood today for a couple reasons. First of all, Mr. G had a check-up/blood work and it went very well. His insulin level is down to 6.7 from 7.3 last time. Time before that it was 10.64 so I'm extremely happy that he's still showing good results. Seems like drinking the apple cider vinegar three times a day didn't affect his insulin levels so much as it did his cholesterol. That dropped
several points this time. Reason numero dos why I'm happy is we're FINALLY going to the jewelry store to pick out my diamond anniversary band over the weekend. Remember I bought a champagne diamond ring last year, but it caught on something and I dislodged a stone? Well, I've never gotten another to replace it.
Third of all, Mr. G and I are going out for lunch Saturday. Yay! And sady, no, there won't be pics since I haven't gotten a new camera yet.

BTW, to the person who keeps coming to my site googling "gingervitis," it's "gingivitis," but thanks for the laugh.

There's a new Wilfred Brimley diabetes commercial. In it, he says, "you have two
choices when you're diagnosed with diabetes. You can feel sorry for yourself
or you can--"
I have no idea what the second option was because I was too busy screaming, "YES, Wilfred, feeling sorry for yourself is DEFINITELY the way to go. Great idea. Wooo hooo!"

I love the new slogan for Butterfinger--"follow the finger." I wish the manufacturers of Butterfinger would follow my middle finger when the filling of that damn candy bar gets crammed into my teeth. Then I have to follow my finger and dig it out. You notice they never tell you what's in the middle of a Butterfinger, like they do Snickers and Milky Way? That's because it's part sugar, part cement.


BBC said...

Hey, do you want a really good Hewlett Packard digital camera? It's getting kind of old but it's a very good camera. It just downloads to the computer kind of slow is all. It's your's for the shipping if you want it.

"How is he going to tie these two things together?" LOL! Then I realized ya weren't trying!

That's right hon, I wasn't. Hell, I was just trying to stay awake. LOL

Mushy said...

Go ahead and send it to her BBC...maybe she'll accidentally take a picture of herself and post it!

Ol' Wilfred is a hoot...he's been around for ages, so having diabetes can't be all that bad!

I have Type II and take Avandia daily...keeps it in check!

bugs said...

Actually, in the Duggar household it's spelled "jinjavitis".

*Goddess* said...

Mushy, AVANDIA??? Please tell me you're kidding after all the latest news reports linking it to heart attacks.....

*Goddess* said...

"Jinjavitis"?? That's a joke, right? And not a result of all that home schooling? LOL!

*Goddess* said...

Thanks, Billy. I actually HAVE a camera, but the pics are all coming out black even though the flash goes off and YES before anyone asks the shutter is open. Mike thinks it might be that I need new batteries and I just haven't gotten any. But I will!

SpongyBones said...

My doctor kept telling me that I had gingervitis ... damn foreign doctors can't trust anything that they say ... wonder why the hell he keeps sticking needles in my gums ... and to think he wante to stick some probe in my ass ... glad you educated me to the fact that he is a scam!

*Goddess* said...

Sorry, SB. I bet you would have enjoyed that anal probe...much like Cartman did;)

BRUNO said...

Avandia---it's worth the risks!

Most ANY drug will have eventual risks. Imagine if penicillin was just now being invented. Or worse still, aspirin!

The question you and your doctor must answer: Is it worth the risk to ME? Or would I rather sit around, and slowly allow my kidneys and other organs to literally die inside me?

I choose the former! To ME, it's worth the risk!

*Goddess* said...

The dr wanted to put my husband on Actos, another diabetes drug. When he read over the side effects, it said that the drug caused chronic heart failure in people who NEVER showed signs of heart problems before. He refused to take it and we're working on nutrition instead.
I guess it comes down to personal choice, but I just hope people research the side effects and don't just take the doctor's word for it.

~Fathairybastard~ said...

Now I'm wondering why I was given Metformin, and what these other drugs do that it doesn't do. Or maybe there are different drugs for different ages, or levels of type 2.

*Goddess* said...

To my knowledge they start most people out on Metformin/Glucophage. If either of those don't work, they move on to others. Or if those stop working, they move on. At least that's what I've noticed with my dad, my uncle and my husband.