Sunday, August 05, 2007

kitty drama

We got a new kitten!! And we got rid of a new kitten!!
A few weeks back, Mr. G's sister gave his mother a 6 week old kitten. His mother is in her 80's and can barely get around. She needs a kitten like she needs lactating breasts. She called us yesterday and said the kitten was "getting on her nerves because he wanted to play all the time"--imagine that--and she wanted Mr. G to take it.

This aggravated the TICK out of me because I can immediately think of about four instances where people have gotten animals they couldn't take care of, then called us to bail them out. Animals pee, chew, poop, claw, shed and throw up. If you can't deal with all of that, DON'T GET ONE. They're not cute little toys, they require time and work and exercise.

My "favorite" instance happened with the neighbor. Every time I would go over to their house, I played with the cat, and he was a really nice pet. One morning, she called and told Female Offspring #1 that her cat peed all over the bed, and she was going to pack it up, along with food and litter and bring him over. FO #1 told me what she said, and I was PISSED. I said, "Give me the phone. I'll deal with it." I told her we did not want another animal. She said, "I guess I'm going to have to take him to the SPCA then," knowing that we love animals and it would probably be destroyed. I was so angry about her blatant attempt at manipulation, and I said, "It's on your conscience, not mine." We taken in many stray animals--that's how we've gotten the majority of our cats, but I've come to the conclusion that I cannot save every animal, and taking in an animal that I can't afford is not helping it. Then I said, "Why did he pee all over your bed?" She said, "He was walking all over us, meowing, and I guess he wanted out but we didn't get up." They were probably drunk and it served her right.

Another neighbor stopped us one night while we were walking and said she had a Cocker Spaniel that had gotten snippy with her kids and bitten one of them. Did we want it? Hell, I already HAVE one problematic dog, why do I want another one? Fool me twice, and all that. Most recently a neighbor wanted to know if we wanted her Jack Russell puppy because it was shedding in the house. What the hell do people THINK an animal is going to do in the middle of summer?!

Anyway, Mr. G wanted to take the kitten, and I said, "Tell her you'll take it on a trial basis, because if it doesn't get along with the dog, it goes back."
When we got Holly, our cats were already five and six years old, and all Holly wanted to do was play with them. But puppies are clumsy and excitable, and the cats wanted no part of her. Even now there have been times when I could see she wanted to sleep next to one of them, so I thought, well maybe she'd like a kitten. And then I imagined a cold winter's day, them all snuggled up together, snoring away, while Gloria Estefan sang, "Let it Snow" on the radio.

The REALITY of it was the instant Holly saw the kitten she started growling. She's very territorial and didn't want any part of the kitten, let alone us holding the kitten. Good thing we tried this with a cat because we often talked about getting another small dog to keep her company. Obviously she doesn't want company. It would have been really difficult for me to return a puppy.

Mr. G took the kitten back and--get this--his mother says, "Does the dog have to stay in the house?" He FLIPPED. He said, "I'm not going to make MY dog stay outside to accommodate YOUR cat"....among other things, which included a loud lecture on taking pets you don't want. This is really his sister's fault, though. She knows their mother is in no condition to walk outside, and basically all she wants to do is sleep. She doesn't want to chase after an overactive kitten.


BBC said...

I became the mother to five sort of feral kittens that were born in my yard when she got hurt by a coon and had to go to the vet and then to Friends Of Animals.

I semi tamed all but one of them, it took hours to get their trust. One I gave away to a lady that takes very good care of it. The others are still here but mostly live outside by choice, with a couple of other squatters that like it here.

Two come inside a lot and I keep food and water and a kitty box in here for them.

If they want to play, I play with them. If they want petted I pet them.

Friends Of Animals here is good to work with. Mostly they just deal with cats, and never put one down. If they can't find it a home they keep it forever.

I paid a reduced rate to have two of my kittens fixed through them. They had the outside ones fixed for free.

And they have also fixed a couple of the squatters for me that hang out here. Boy, getting that wild tom cat to a vet was a riot, there should have been a movie camera on us.

Mushy said...

When I read cat/kitten stories I start spittin' imaginary cat hairs...therefore, I usually don't read them all the way through.

Mushy - Have gun will kill cats free!

*Goddess* said...

Yes, Mushy, I know of your deep love for cats.......batter dipped and fried, with taters on the side;)

Billy, it would be great if they had a program like that around here, but any time someone abandoned a cat in our yard, we had to pay to have it spayed/neutered. That's why I won't take in any more than I can afford. With all the shots, it gets rather expensive.
There's been one hanging around that I'd like to keep, but he's so thin and I'm not sure if it's something simple like worms or feline leukemia. I don't even want to think about trying to put it in a carrier though!

SpongyBones said...

Pissed the tick out of ya! Here in Kansas we just rub them with gas and them ticks back on out ... no need to get 80 year old women or other critters involved!