Monday, August 13, 2007

i loved you yesterday and yesterday's gone

There's only one thing in this world I can count on when there's a rainstorm in my area: my Verizon wireless will be down.

Did you see this article about the dads who have created a bulletproof backpack?
When asked if they were playing into people's fears, the one father said that his child would be carrying one, but if other parents wanted to "fight the good fight.." then so be it. Here's what grabs my ass, besides his implication that IF a parent really cared they'd buy the backpack: the damn things cost $175 EACH.
Real affordable for the average parent. And that's not even taking into account parents who have more than one child attending school.

I consider myself to be THEE BEST Family Feud player on the PLANET, so when one of my nephews wanted to play at Grandma's house, I was THERE. Actually I was there. I was visiting. One of the questions was: "you should never interrupt a wild animal when he's ---------"
I yelled, "Eating someone else!" Makes perfect sense when you think about it.
Another question was: name something you turn on at work, and
my nephew said, "Computers." Pffffft. Sure it was the number one answer, but MY answer was much more logical. I responded, "Your co-workers." Again, makes perfect sense.


~Fathairybastard~ said...

I'm totally buyin' it. Coworkers, of course.

*Goddess* said...


bugs said...

I could kick your ass at the Feud.