Tuesday, August 21, 2007

i hear you knocking but you can't come in

Did you know that the lifespan of the average blog is one month? 60-80% of the bloggers abandon their blog within 30 days,
and 66% of the remaining blogs have not been updated
in two months.
I'm feeling pretty damn good about my blog right about now.
I've been writing this drivel for over five years!
Apparently writing drivel is my life's work.
Or something to do while I avoid my life's work...

I wanted to order checks and since I've used every check company I can find to take advantage of their cheap intro offer,
I'm forced to buy at full price. I ordered two boxes of single checks and one box of deposit slips. That came to $30.80.
Then I have to pay $2.65 per box shipping and $7.95 for UPS, bringing me to a grand total of $46.60 or $18.20 per box. What a load of shit.

YAY!! Hottcops got a mention in the Court TV blog Tuesday!!
Check it out. I love that blog. I read it every day.

Jay sent me pics of the new Price is Right set last night and I happened to be at work, so I showed my boss, the big PiR fan. She looked at it and said, "Oh, I don't know if I'm going to like that...." LOL! It reminded me of when Female Offspring #1 was little and I'd try to get her to eat a new food, usually a vegetable. Without even tasting it, she'd say, "I don't think I like this."

Talk about living in the old man's shadow. There's a Labor Day event going on in a neighboring city and they have lots of music and food. On the way to work this evening, I heard the commercial for some of the musical acts, one of which was "The late, great Jim Croce's son, A.J." Ouch. And they say that every damn time.

Somebody mentioned this site to H2O, and I'm stealing it. (Shhhh, she'll never know. Just like when I stole SpongyBones from Carol. She still hasn't figured that out yet....) I'm gonna print up a buttload of these things and slap 'em on people's cars in the winter. At our local mall, during the holiday season, people seem to think the parking space lines are "suggestion only."
They park wherever they want to. FO #1 and I call this phenomenon "create a space." If it looks good, just freaking park there. And it doesn't matter if you've just parked three deep.

It was all I could do not to reach through the phone and slap the Direct TV tech support monkey today. We had to have a repair guy come last week or so because I kept getting pixelated pictures and he replaced outside plugs, and assured us everything would be fine.
NEWSFLASH: they lie.
Yesterday Mr. G taped 6 hours of Court TV for me containing some of the hottest Florida FWC officers I've ever seen. I know because I was watching at work on CABLE, and it did NOT have a signal failure. I came home to find six hours of the little Direct TV box bouncing from one side of the screen to the other. I was livid. This is the same garbage I was dealing with last week. So I went through set up all over again, and I had all the channels except my local channels. I called and the tech support monkey was immediately mystified. I know this because she kept reading stuff under her breath, and saying, "hmmmm." Finally she suggests we do another reset, using a method that would automatically grab all my settings and override everything. We started it and she said it would take five minutes, but ten minutes later it still wasn't advancing on the screen, so she told me to pull the plug, and reset the box.
I lost ALL my channels.
I couldn't even get it to move past "searching for satellite signal."
Then she says, "You know there's really nothing more I can do. I'll send the service guy out on Thursday afternoon." GRRRRRRRRRRRR. Nothing "more" she could do? She didn't DO a damn thing except screw things up for me.
She concluded the call with this question, "Do you have any more questions about Direct TV that I can answer?"
I said, "Yeah. Why is your signal constantly going out? I dumped Dish for this very reason and now I'm stuck in a year's contract with you."
To which she giggled nervously, but had no "answer."
I hung up fairly pissed.
I kept messing with it until I finally got it back to all my channels except locals again. At least, I can watch Court TV IF the freaking signal doesn't go out again. Sometimes I'll have some of the channels, but not all of them, like I'll have 245, but not 246 (Court TV) and then I'll have 249 (Comedy Central). Makes no sense. If it wasn't for the cost, I'd switch to cable again. The only reason we left cable was the cost. They were very reliable as far as the picture and service went but I can't justify paying $56 for cable, when I'm getting the same channels for $42. Course that only applies IF I'm getting a signal!


SpongyBones said...

Damn you are old. Jim Croce I had to Google that. Just kidding! You stole me huh! Is that a crime or a curse HA! I'm printing off some of them notes as well. I can't stand jerks who can't park!

*Goddess* said...

Yes, I stole you, and payback is a bitch, cuz H2O then stole you from me. Sigh. When will the stealing end?

In my defense, I was about two when Jim Croce came on the music scene..................................................gawd, I WISH.