Friday, August 31, 2007

friday on my mind

Mr. G said his boss came in this morning and said he regretted their confrontation yesterday, but I have a feeling the writing is on the wall. I think he's just preparing him for the inevitable. We may be buying ourselves a little more time with the health care coverage, though. Keep praying, people, and thanks so much for your words of comfort. They meant a lot to me. I guess I'm just angry at the way it's going down because my husband has ALWAYS been an excellent, hardworking, TRUSTWORTHY employee. When he started, there were six guys working in his department, now it's just him and some dipshit who is so zoned out on anti-d's that he doesn't know where things are after two years on the job. It takes him 3 and 4 hours to do the same job the other guys do in 15 minutes. So basically all of the physical work is falling on my husband. That's not fair. I told him that I didn't care what else went down, BUT I said if he EVER accuses you of not being able to do your job again, you tell him that you can do YOUR job just fine but you should NOT be expected to do the job of the four guys who have never been replaced.

I took my ring back this morning. I just felt like it was too much of an extravagance considering. When I told my husband, he said, "No! I wanted you to keep that!" and in the very same breath, he said, "That will come right off the credit card, right?" LOL!

Ok, no more dwelling on that. On to other stuff. Bugs sent me
this funny link to the worst album covers ever. I'm happy to report that I own NONE of them. Phew! I have to say Millie Jackson's cover of her on the crapper is very classy. Two questions: how many do YOU own, and who the hell is Ken?! Thanks, Bugs! She always sends me these great links, and I usually forget to post them.

Hell hath no fury like a Lab scorned. Mr. G said he thinks that Holly is upset that I have been working so much overtime lately. I asked him why he thought that and he pointed to the computer room door. I opened the door to find a HUGE pile of puzzle pieces all over the floor. Last Christmas one of my gifts from Mr. G was a box of 10 different sized jigsaw puzzles, ranging from 100 pieces to 1000. The damn box has been sitting on the floor for MONTHS, but suddenly Holly decided to chew the corner and proceeded to drag out every one of the plastic bags and chewed them open. Oy. I'm pretty much forced to throw them all away now.

While I usually copy and paste the goofy news stories, you need to see the picture with this one.

I caught a little bit of Rachel Ray's talk show while at the chiropractor this morning. Yuck. She's too happy and effusive, which translates into interrupting and talking over all of her guests. I rarely ever waste my time on talk shows because the topics are so damn dumb. Like her segment on chivalry. She sent some guy out to prove whether or not chivalry is dead by opening doors for chicks and carrying bags while checking out their responses. I have to admit, I wouldn't let a stranger carry my bags either. What's to stop him from stealing them? Personally I don't think chivalry is dead. I think a lack of manners on the man's part stems from women getting all militant about guys holding doors for them. Face it, women send out mixed messages and guys are confused. I think it's nice when they hold doors for me, and I always thank them, but I know some chicks who see it as an insult. Then again, there are those chicks who see EVERYTHING as an insult.


Jay said...

2 questions:

1. What's an "album"?

2. Where was Gert Jonnys? (

*Goddess* said...

You know, an album. It's what you put your photos in....LOL.

BTW, I noticed you didn't say how many you had!

Kat said...

Ugh, sorry to hear about the situation with Mr. G and his job. I have to wonder if his boss is singling him out due to age. You know... get rid of the "old guy". :/

At any rate, I hope he's able to keep his job, and the health insurance.

*Goddess* said...

Thanks, Kat. I really don't think it's that because his boss is about the same age. I KNOW it's all about the $ because my husband is the only one getting full time benes.

Lin said...

Bringing your ring back had to just kill you but, BOY, do I respect the hell out of you now for doing it!
I'll still hoping and praying for you guys.

Anonymous said...

I hate to watch RR on tv, esp when she sits down at the end in front of food and tries to talk to her guests while eating a forkful of pasta and chicken strips. It's fucking gross. And she only makes a marginal attempt to cover her mouth when she faces her guests to talk to them. Ick.


*Goddess* said...

Actually, Lin, it wasn't as hard as you think. There's just no way I can get pleasure out of the ring knowing that we might be in need of that money later on down the line. Ah well...thanks for the good thoughts;)

*Goddess* said...

I didn't have to suffer through to the end, Stacey. Thank God.

Mushy said...

I hate watching the Today, or any morning news show anymore because of the talk over crap. If they aren't trying to out talk each other, over the guest, the background music drowns them out! My gosh...take a freakin' pill and calm down.

I even complained about it once in an email...'course they are all youth driven these days and aren't goin' to listen to an old fart like me!

I just change the channel.

I was also listening to Fox in satellite radio today and the invited guest was trying to make their point, but the reporter kept breaking in and refuting their position. I'm thinking, shut up! You invited me here to interview me, not for me to interview you asshole!

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Ah Goddess, I'm so glad to hear your hubby is still in employment for now. And about that ring - at least you had it, right? I think what you did is more romantic than any love story - you guys share a lot of love between you - him for buying it, you for taking it back - true love, and then some. ((x))