Tuesday, August 07, 2007

figures my courage would choose to sell out now

I've added SpongyBones to my link roll. Ssssh, don't tell, but I stole him from Carol. Hey, that's what she gets for leaving town! Anywho, check him out. He's very funny. And I just love that name...SpongyBones. No doubt that's what I'll have when I'm 80. If I don't land in the obit page first.

Here's a fun web page for you to check out.
BTW, is it a mere coinkydink that my first name means "Strange"? I'm sure it is.

I forgot to mention when I was discussing obit pics that Mr. G has told me he is going to use my hideous 5th grade picture in my obit. I told him that if that was the case, he'd better make damn sure I'm really dead before they publish it. I'm not really worried about it, though, because I have a picture of him and his sister taking a bath together when they were little kids, and I plan to use that one in his obit. AND I'm telling the paper NOT to whack his sister out of the pic.

Oooo, I had fun separating all my books out from the used book sale last night. (I know that sentence totally jives with your impression of me as a sex crazed, wild woman!) I have several piles: one for books I've already read and picked up by accident (only had 2 of those!), one for duplicate books I picked up (again, only 2), one for books I want to read right away and one for books I can wait on. ALL books dealing with cops and sheriffs are immediately bumped up to "nightstand status". They don't even go into a pile. Books with cowboy heroes get special consideration. I started with a book I had read before--the hero's a sheriff--and this is my favorite passage--gets me every time I read it and I think I've read this book about four times now: ' "I want you, Maggie. Very much. Feel me. Feel what you're doing to me." He unwound one of her arms from his neck and placed her hand on the fly of his pants.' That makes me hella horny because Mr. G used to do that all the time when we were dating, and I think it's such a sexy move to be French kissing a man and rubbing him through his pants at the same time. Sigh.
I finished that book, and now it's 10:30 and I'm halfway through my second sheriff related romance novel. I am in hog heaven!! Nobody is going to get a lick of work out of me for the next few days. Thank God I'm not living at home anymore. All I wanted to do was curl up with a good book in the summer (winter, spring & fall) and all my mother wanted was for us to do the laundry and the cleaning. Ugh. Many is the time I'd sneak to my room to read a few pages, so being able to do it now without anyone yelling at me is pure Heaven!
It's strange that we loved reading so much when my mother was NOT a reader. Then again, the Bookmobile brought around FREE books for us to borrow, so that might explain it! When my sister and I were little, we'd sneak flashlights to bed so we could read under the covers after my mother turned off the lights. LOL! I still think of that and laugh. We had these pink plastic Princess telephones that had rotary dials and they really worked. Course they ran on batteries and were connected by a million wires, but the wires were long enough to pass between the two full sized beds in our bedroom. (There were four of a us to a bedroom. UGH. Talk about a lack of privacy. Thank God I was too young to know what privacy was.) Anywho, we'd sneak the phones under the covers, too, and call each other up and talk. The funny thing is we could have just as easily whispered with our heads ABOVE the covers, instead of suffocating under the blankets.
To this day, my mother often says, "All you girls were readers!" That's motherspeak for "I had to chase you down every few minutes and make sure you were doing the job I gave you, and not hiding in your room reading." I'm grateful I do love to read. Like a young child, I am often lost in the daydream brought about by a good book. There's nothing quite like it!


BBC said...

I go to some blogs for the humor, because I need some and you are good at it. I wish I could use more humor on my blog but I know that humor won't fix this screwed up world and my problem is to try to figure out how to fix it.

But I want to thank you for the entertainment. Hugs.

H2o said...

Spongy Bones is a hoot. I just might have to lift him from you.

SpongyBones said...

Now how did I miss this post from you. You can lift me anytime you feeling froggy! Thanks for the add
you know you crack me up too!

*Goddess* said...

Too much Jack, I'm guessing:)