Wednesday, August 08, 2007

daddy dearest

I'm pissed. Read this and then come back.

I'll wait.

*whistles the theme to The Andy Griffith Show while digging lint from her bellybutton*

Ok, now that you're back, Speedreader, here's why I'm pissed: they're down on this guy and they're ignoring some important points here. First of all, he was SPENDING QUALITY TIME with his daughter. He didn't leave her home with some strange sitter. He didn't slap her in day care. He took her along. Secondly, maybe he was going to let her pick out a few pawn shop toys she'd like to have, like "Sell Me For Drug $, Elmo" or "Easy Bake Crack Oven"? Again, being a good dad. And on the upside, he wasn't drunk at the time he robbed the store. Give the man a little credit.



BRUNO said...

You're right---didn't take long!

Ah, yes---traditional family values once again shine forth!

I dunno if it was "quality" time or not, but, as you said, at least they were doing "stuff" together!

Maybe a little on-the-job research for "take your child to work" day at school, ya' reckon???

*Goddess* said...

LOL! I never thought of the "take your child to work day" aspect!