Monday, August 27, 2007

cruising into the new week

What's that blessed sound I hear, kids? Awwww, yes. SILENCE. Another wonderful school year has begun amidst much screaming and crying about clothes. (That was me. I didn't know what to wear to work this morning.) WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Michael Vick's mommy is boo hooing about her son possibly going to jail. She said, "They're trying to put my baby in jail, and for what? Everybody makes mistakes. Everybody deserves a second chance." Yep, just like those under performing dogs that were mercilessly murdered got their second chance.
I think it's fitting justice that a dog was the beginning of Vick's downfall. A K9 dog, Troy, alerted officers to the fact that Vick's cousin had drugs in his car outside of a nightclub. That led them to obtain a search warrant for his residence--he was residing with Vick. The rest is history. Who's a good boy, Troy? Who's a good boy?

So I casually mentioned to Mr. G about getting a new purdy colored laptop, and he said, "Fine. What color can of spray paint do you want me to buy?" Ok, let's forget that pipe dream. Besides, I love my little steel grey (sigh) laptop.

I saw a commercial for that dumb GEICO caveman show that's coming and they have a website called "Caveman's Crib." Question: who uses the word "crib" anymore? I mean, besides those homies who are still getting jiggy widdit.

FHB would have been so proud of me. Just when I think I've forgotten every bit of history I've ever learned in school. This morning's trivia question was "in what state was the first oil well drilled in the United States?" I immediately yelled, "Titusville, Pennsylvania," despite the fact that I was driving alone in the car. I remember when we learned that, I thought, "Damn. Pennsylvania. Wooo hooo! We rock!" Ok, except back in when I was in school, I probably really thought, "Pennsylvania? Coolsville, Daddio." Actually I remember thinking how strange that was because I was expecting it to be some place like Texas.

In today's Get Fuzzy strip, Bucky told Rob he was creating a new line of clothing called "Monkeywhere?" And Rob said, "Monkeywear, sure." Bucky replied, "No, no. Monkeywhere? It ends in a question mark. Like a Canadian statement." Took me a second to get that, but when I did....LOL!!


Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Sheesh, my kids are still stuck at home. I keep finding strange ones (even stranger than mine) in the kitchen cooking breakfast. Beccy has finally fessed up to tell me Matt's renting out the shed to stray drunks he finds by the roadside. If he doesn't cut me in for a slice, he's grounded.

*Goddess* said...

Do they have school year round in your neck of the woods?

SpongyBones said...

I saw an interview with Michael Vicks father this weekend. His dad said, that it was his peers that he moved in with him that lead him astray. You know how that peer pressure is ... ones that try to get a new laptop, car, blow up some shit, stuff like that ...

I hope they throw the book at the punk personally!

*Goddess* said...

The old man must suddenly be realizing he's in danger of losing his meal ticket. The other day in an interview, he said, "I wish people would stop sugarcoating it," Boddie told The Journal-Constitution. "This is Mike's thing. And he knows it ... likes it, and he has the capital to have a set up like that."

~Fathairybastard~ said...

Good girl. I would think they must drum that stuff into you in school there. One of my kids would probably say Texas, being filled with tripe from movies. keeps me in a job.