Saturday, August 04, 2007

candle schmandle

My so-called "friend," Copluvr, sent me one of those gawd awful friendship forwards. She only does it because she knows I hate them. I swear she scours the net for the ones she knows I'll hate the most, and sends them on.

This one was called the "Friendship Candle." It says, "Notice at the end, the date the candle was started. Gonna give you goose bumps." The date was September 15, 1998.
OMG!! I AM all goosebumpy! Never mind. Sittin' too close to the AC.
BTW, forward fanatics, the date CAN
be altered. Hell, I'm surprised someone didn't change it to 1898 for dramatic effect. And to see how long it would take people to realize we didn't have computers back in 1898.

Anywho, it also says, "Please forward this. Even if it's to just one friend. I am NOT going to be the one who lets it die." Then they further try to guilt you by adding, "Someone who loves you has helped keep it alive by sending it to you." Who writes this shit? I'm guessing it was a woman, because we seem to have too much time on our hands, and that she's a mother because she's got the whole guilt thing down pat. I don't ever see GUYS forwarding this sort of stupidity to each other. "Do not drop the Friendship Football...." Ain't happening.

Well, guess what? I AM going to be the one who lets this die. I say it's high time to extinguish this frickin' candle o'guilt. But I'm positive that one of the 25 doofi Copluvr sent it to will feel the need to pass it on or risk losing allllll of their friends.


copluvr said...


SpongyBones said...

I was going to read your hot cops blog first... I'm a guy couldn't resist. But glad I came here first to know that I'm not the only one that will bear bad luck for killing email chains. Found ya via Shrink Wrapped Scream ... loved that you left a smart azz comment had to read ya!

*Goddess* said...

Thanks for stopping by. It's kind of like a badge of honor now. Must...stop....all...chain emails!! Especially the Jesus "won't love you any more" ones;)

*Goddess* said...

Oh, I will get you back, Copluvr!!!