Saturday, August 18, 2007

all the stars are out tonight

Mr. G and I had a nice time shopping today. We RARELY ever go because we both hate shopping but he was hell bent on me buying my ring at the jewelers instead of online UNTIL he saw the jewelry store prices. I casually picked up a glossy ad outside one of the stores and pointed to the ring I wanted. *insert his LOUD GASP here* LOL! I'm like, "I TOLD ya." When I got home, I ordered the one I wanted to begin with and saved a buttload of $. We went to Ryan's Steakhouse, which is hand's down my favorite restaurant in town. They give you such a great variety of foods. My attitude upon entering the restaurant was "low carb be damned!" I had some FABULOUS mac 'n cheese with crunchy cheese on the top, as well as two slices of pizza. Their pizza crust has improved tremendously. It was always good, but now it's much better. As usual, I had to have their mashed sweet potatoes, complete with mini marshmallows on top, just like Mom makes. Only this time, the potatoes were so mashed that it was like eating pumpkin pie filling. Delish. The dessert bar was rather lacking. I came back to the table with a piece of coconut pie and Mr. G said, "I can't believe you didn't eat a piece of that chocolate cake." I said, "I was going to, but it seemed like too much chocolate." Stunned, he asked me to repeat that. Then he said, "In all the years we've been married, I have NEVER heard you say ANYTHING had TOO MUCH CHOCOLATE." Hey, ya learn something new every day. I warshed all this down with two glasses of brewed ice tea. By the time we got home at 1, the carbs were kicking my ass, but the caffiene in the ice tea had me hinky. I tried to sleep before work, but I was too damn keyed up. I fell into one of those weird sleeps where you THINK you're sleeping, but you can hear everything going on in the room, and got up more tired than when I laid down.

I was watching "Wheel" with my boss tonight, and you know that part where Pat chit chats with the contestants? They always say stuff like, "I'm married to a wonderful man, Pat. We've been together for 20 years." JUST ONCE I'd like someone to say, "I'm married to a rat bastard, Pat. We've been together 20 miserable years. Why I haven't killed him, I don't know. Let's play!"

Speaking of Wheel, I read an article yesterday entitled "Merv Griffin Died A Closet Gay." Of course, the writer wrote it from the altruistic air that Merv could have helped lots of folks had he just come out and admitted the truth. I don't agree with that. I think it was a cheesy excuse to write about the man's homosexuality and play to sensationalism. Totally unnecessary. His homosexuality didn't define him, so why should others use that criteria? There are plenty of other gay celebs who are out, so if Merv wanted to keep that side of his life private, that was HIS business. It doesn't necessarily mean he was ashamed, which is how the media likes to play it. Maybe he realized there was more to his life than the gender of his bed partners.

I'd love to go here, just so I could drink a Diet Pepsi from a bottle one last time. Pop always had such a good, crisp, clean taste from a bottle. Who knew it wouldn't still be around in 2007?

I was watching 20/20's myth busting show last night, and it was fairly interesting. One of the myths they talked about was red cars are stopped more often by the police. I've always heard this one, too. I had to laugh about the fact that lots of people thought red cars cost more to insure. They based that on the assumption that they were involved in more accidents. Anyway, one officer ran all the vehicles that had been stopped through 2007 in one area, and only 3% of those cars were red, meaning 97% of the cars were not red. Another myth was only children are selfish, self-absorbed and demanding. Not true. They actually found only children had higher intelligence because of more one-on-one attention from Mom and Dad. That one came as no surprise to me. I know some great "only's."

I've never been a fan of Jamie Kennedy, but I was waiting for COPS to come on this evening and I caught a little bit of his show. He was an expert at a wine tasting, but the announcer told the participants that he had had mouth surgery. When he came out, his mouth was in a square shape. He had two of those wedges in that the dentists use, and then some sort of clips on the corners of his mouth to make it look square. It was HILARIOUS watching the people try not laugh. He'd take a drink of wine and it would drool out all over his shirt, then his assistant would use one of those suction things they use at the dentist to get the rest of it out of his mouth. It was so funny watching everyone's reaction.


Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

I don't know about Pepsi, but we can still buy Coke in the original bottle design they used when they first came out - you know, that really thick, dimpled glass?

(I'll send you a crate..)

*Goddess* said...

Damn. We don't have anything here in glass bottles anymore.

I'll take the crate, but instead of shipping it, have your slave bring it over....LOL! Mine never showed up:(

Anonymous said...

What? The slave never turned up! He's in for an ass whooping. Jeesh, he'll probably love it.

*Goddess* said...

If I demand, will he paddle me, too, Chewy?